Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So far in the life of The Smiths were constantly getting new thing. Being newlyweds and just moving to a new state and a new house there are many things we have got and still need to purchase. With our big family only being one state away it is not impossible for them to come visit so getting our guest bedroom up and open is what we are attacking now. I have decided to start volunteering at the Airman's Attic (which is a thrift store on base and everything is free to military family's stationed here) Doing this I hope to acquire some things to use around the house. I have been getting extremely inspired by all the DIY blogs out there and am currently doing my first refinishing project on 2 stools and a hanging rack. I would say for my first refinish I'm doing great!! Pictures will be up when there both done!!!

Another new big addition we got is Champ. He is our new wonderful dog!! He is a year and a half black lab and he has been with us a little over a week. It was amazing how comfortable he was right away. We adopted him from the animal human and as soon as he got in the car he just layed down and enjoyed the ride! He slept with me the first night, he is house trained and even does well at our local dog park!! I love him so much already!! He is a great addition to our family!!!

Other than that life is going well, Jacob and I started swimming again and we are going to be doing some fun things in and around Albuquerque these coming up weekends!! We are very blessed and are very thankful for everything we have.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


So last night I drug Jacob out to see Eat,Pray,Love and omg did I love it. Jacob wasn't the biggest fan but he I'm glad he went. I want to live in Bali permanently now. I loved all the landscape in the movie from Italy to India to Indonesia I was in love and I also think Julia Roberts did amazing!!!!

On another note I am finally done with my training and will be moving to part time which I am very excited about because I like having the time to do stuff at home and be able to work as well. So far I'm loving my job, I miss doing hair but soon enough I will be doing it.

Well I hope everyone is doing fantastic! I will be blogging more and more now that I will soon have the time to actually use the computer not just my phone! Now I'm off to eat!!!



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