Sunday, September 12, 2010

Never thought I would say this

But... GO COWBOYS!!! So I was never a cowboys fan, I do love me some football but growing up being a 49ers fan I despised the Cowboys. Well I married a HUGE Cowboys fan so that being said meet your newest Cowboys fan! Yes I will still go for my 49ers and the Bengals but also the Cowboys!!

Hope everyone had a great week I am working on more DIY things so look forward to that! Other than that were going to have a football watching day here!!!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Did it myself!!

So getting inspired by all these amazing DIY blogs I
wanted to do some of my own. So I went to the Animal Humane Thrift store to find some goodies!! I did great look at these awesome finds!!

Got these for $5 a pop! Couldn't beat that and we were looking for stools for our kitchen bar!

Got this rack for $2.50

And this adorable salt and pepper set that I won't don't anything will I love them they way they are!

And here are the afters!

After these projects I want to do more and more!!! Things here at the Smith residents are going very well! Jacob started school which he is super excited about and we started coaching youth soccer! We have 2 teams a 5-7 and a 8-10 they are awesome kids and its been fun so far!! Champ is doing great! I'm so glad we have him! He definitely fits in!! Here's another pic of him!! Hes pooped after our run lol.


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