Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Years Resolutions!

I am normally not too big on New Years resolutions, but this year I think I will take a couple on. Jacob and I are doing one together that will be becoming vegetarians. This will be easy for me because I like a lot of veggies and can already go days without eating meat, but for Jacob it will be tough. He is meat and potatoes kind of guy. Every meal I make has a meat, veggie and a starch. I already have a couple vegetarian cook books from the past that he was thumbing through last night and he said he thinks they sound good.We will try out a couple recipes before we make the big jump. I have always wanted to be a vegetarian because it is healthier for you and you aren't eating something that was once breathing and walking around (not even, most chickens and cows are kept in such tight areas that they don't.) But I needed Jacob to be on board with me. He had been thinking about it for a while and after a lot of research he is now on board. I asked him when he wanted to start and he answered after I eat some Chipotle burritos (they finally opened one here.) So as of January 1st we will be meat free,but we might add in some seafood after we see how it works out.

Another personal New Years resolution is the super generic, get in shape. Can your say boring, that's on every ones list, I know I know. But I miss being in the gym, being sore (which I am today from my workout yesterday) and feeling healthy. Summer is coming up and there is no way that you will catch me in a bikini (damn you stretch marks) but I do need to look OK in a super cute one piece. Thank goodness they are making cute ones now a days. I miss the feeling you get after you work out, and looking at yourself seeing the definition in your muscles. It will happen!!

Another is to pick up on some more crafting. I love crafting and I don't do it enough, I want to a least do one craft a week and learn new things. Maybe I will pick up crocheting, or get into refurbishing or maybe jewelry making. I love all this! I have a sewing and embroderiery machine that I got last Christmas and I only have used it to make our stockings! It was so easy too! Maybe I will go crazy and embroider everything in our house, I wonder what Jacob will think!!

Organization comes and goes for me. I will have a week where I am super organized the house is always clean, I know where everything is and the next week it's the complete opposite.  I love when I look at my house and it is clean and tidy, when the laundry is done and put away. Its amazing! So I am shooting for every week to be like that. I mean I am home the majority of the day and cleaning will help me burn those extra cals right??

Another is to lower by carbon footprint, now while I wish I could be the hippie that recycles everything, composts waste and ride my bike everywhere I just can't. So I will start out slow with taking all my reusable bags when I go shopping. Attempt to not use paper towels and be a little more committed to cloth diapering.

Well those are mine and here's to hoping I keep them all!!!!!

I will post shortly about our Christmas I promise!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Baby Gear: 1-4 months

You can find my 0-1 month baby gear post here. A lot of new gear has been used and I definitely have some new favorites. Now that he is more alert and can hold up his head we use a lot of new things. Hope you enjoy these things as much as I do!!!

Sophie the Giraffe!

Vince loves chewing on her little horns and gets so excited when he squeaks(as does our dog)

Bumbo Chair
This was over a month ago when he couldn't sit in it all that well, but now he is a champ. He sits in it while I make his bottles. We have a big wide counter so I set him up there and sing to him. I think he likes being at my level when I'm making his bottles.

JJ Cole Car Seat Cover
From Amazon

It is getting pretty cold here and we have some pretty bad winds. And when your trying to use a blanket to cover the car seat and it is super windy you either get a baby with a face full of blanket or a blanket on the lose. I chose this one because the bundle me kind goes underneath and changes the routing of the straps. Also this is easier, when I want to take it off i just pull it off just like a fitted sheet. 

Dr. Browns Formula Mixing Pitcher
For Vince this is a MUST because of all his gas and spit up issues. For formula he is on Similac Sensitive which is very bubbly and foamy so if I were to mix a bottle right when he needed it, it would give him terrible gas. We have to let it sit a little bit and this is so easy to just pour the water in add the formula and mix. I normally pour about 32 oz and it will last us the whole day and night.

Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack

I saw this on a baby gear post before I was ever even preggo and fell in love with it. I wanted it for my house even though I didn't have any children yet. So I was very excited to get it once we did have Vince and now that we use bottles it makes it so much fun to use it!

Homedics Lullaby with Picture Projection

We use this for every nap and at bed time. At night we have the projector running and the ocean noise and during naps he gets the cradle noise. I love this, we keep it running all night and it even works as some noise for me to fall asleep too. A friend recommend this and I love it. At night when he cries (yup still not sleeping through the night) I don't want to go turn on all the lights so this makes it to where I can see enough. I have thought about not using it and letting him sleep in pure darkness but I am not sure. What have you ladies tried that works best? I love suggestions!!!

Lovely Pocket Diapers

Lovely Pocket Diapers are the Cloth Diapers I use when I cloth. I cloth during the day, I try to make an attempt to have one on his bum a large part of the day. Vince is a blower-outer when it comes to diapers and these hold it all in! I have the rave and the classic and I love them both. I recommend them to everyone I know, the are great quality and a great price when it comes to cloth diapers. The owner is a good friend (and no that's not why I'm putting this on here) and she is amazing. She actually gave me a whole set at my baby shower, and I need to buy more soon! I have a lot of cloth diapers from bum genius to G diapers and even some refolds and covers and this is all I use. They work so well I don't even try the other ones. If your thinking about using Cloth Diapers give hers a try. They are great!

Well that is all for now, I'm sure I have many more that I am forgetting to post but there is always next time. Crazy next time will be full of things to help him eat food and fun interactive games. He is growing so fast!! Hope this helped some of you first time moms! I know these baby gear posts are the reason why I own a lot of the baby gear I own and most of them are on my baby gear posts too! They are great!

Friday, December 9, 2011

One Year Ago Today...

I woke up early to go buy a pregnancy test because I had a feeling that there was a bun in my oven. I got home quickly ran to the restroom and waited. When I looked down this is what I saw

Jacob was on his way down the stairs and I ran out of the bathroom, still with my pants down saying "Jacob.... Jacob." He thought something was wrong with me because he didn't know that I was even going to get one. I ran up Half the stair to meet him and showed him the stick. He looked up and said "Really??? Are you sure?" We both sat there in amazement, both excited and nervous. We weren't really trying we just decided that we would see what happened. I have a lot of friends who have infertility issues and so we decided that we would try but not try. Big shock to us we both are fertile and it happened after only one month! 
We are very thankful that we could conceive and looking back one year later and already having our baby, it is just so amazing. He has changed our lives and everyday he puts a smile on face. I love that little guy more than words can express and love seeing him grow. Being a momma is amazing and being able to stay home with Vince is great. We are so blessed for the life we have, we are all healthy, have food on the table and a roof above our heads. But most of all we have so much love for each other.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Vince met Santa!

How cute is this??

Yesterday a I took Vince to meet Santa for the first time, I was a little nervous because I didn't know how he would react to a huge guy with a white beard and funky hat, but he did pretty good. The lady trying to get his attention for the picture had one of those annoying hand clappers things and Vince did not like it. 

These are the pictures I took from my camera and we bought the package. I'm glad he didn't have a total freak out on us, but he did give Santa a nice beard tug. I guess he wanted to make sure it was real. 

We are ready for Christmas here! I even embroidered and sew us new stockings (I will post about those tomorrow!) They are awesome! We leave for Tucson on Tuesday so I need to get to packing!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Car!!

Again another early Christmas present to ourselves, a new car! Even though we loved our old car which was an BMW 325i it was a little small for all the things we like to do and then add Vince on top of all that, it made for a tight squeeze. At first we looked at SUVs and I really wanted a Jeep Patriot, but Jacob didn't like them. We also thought about trucks, but I am not the best driver in the world and backing up isn't one of my specialties, so I am sure I would hit everything in a truck. We browsed on line looking for cars and went to look at some Jeeps but I couldn't sell Jacob on them. He doesn't like American cars, he said he didn't like the interior. So I suggested going to the BMW dealership and taking look at what they had. Even thought we didn't want to spend a lot more that what we already pay for our car. We got there and there weren't too many choices, but a white 530xi Sports Wagon caught our eye. Not an SUV like we wanted but we really liked that this car. And big enough to put our snowboards in plus will fit my jogging stroller which it wouldn't fit in our other car. It was also fit Champ nicely when we go on trips and even has a little net so he can't jump to the front.

It was also snowing yesterday and when the salesman brought us up the car to look at it, the snow was falling and really made the car look beautiful. We knew then that we wanted it! It's an amazing early Christmas present and perfect for what we need!

These are pictures from my iPhone, it has been too snowy and cold to take good pictures of it!

Our Love Story

Time flies when your having fun right? Well December 9th (also the day we found out last year that we were expecting little Vincent) 6 years ago little 17 year old Jacob slipped a note into my barbie backpack (yes they were in style at my school hah) asking me if I would be his girlfriend. He thought it was a cute sweet surprise but didn't know that I never went in that pocket of my backpack. He asked me after our class in the hall if I had found anything in my backpack and I answered no. But I quickly wanted to look and he told me no look later. So I get to my class open my backpack up and find the letter. I am pretty sure I still have it somewhere too. I text messaged him back saying yes, but he had to ask me in person. From that point on its all history right... NOT. Being 16 and 17 and immature made for a bumpy relationship. He graduated high school that year and moved to Phoenix to play football in college. We did the long distance thing, but I got jealous (of course I did I was 16.) We took some breaks, always remained friends and I went to all his games. 6 months after he moved he tore his rotator cuff and had to move back to Tucson and  get surgery, I was so happy that he would be back, but his next idea for where he would go in life was the Air Force. Being 17 at the time, I was not  for it. Especially since he wanted to go into special ops. He had to heal fully and get PRK (a form of lasik) and wait a year after that just to join.During that time frame I taught him how to swim freestyle and fin, all of this he would need for the job he wanted. He was horrible at swimming and within 5 months was better than me, someone who has been swimming all their life like that.
Our first picture together after he won state in football

Prom 2006

Homecoming 2007

My graduation

Then I moved to Phoenix to attend beauty school and he decided to move to Flagstaff to live with a friend and continue training for the Air Force. He worked 3-4 hours a day and was in GREAT shape. He left for boot camp in November of 2008.  The longest we had ever not talked to each other was maybe 4 days, so his 6 weeks at boot camp was like an eternity. He sent me letters telling me how they were doing, he even had a friend of his write a letter to me because he was too tired to write one. I headed on a plane December 26 to San Antonio, Texas to go see my Airman. His Graduation was amazing, I loved seeing people from everywhere across the United States. It was awesome!

As time went in he didn't get the job he wanted and was given the job as jet mechanic. If you know Jacob, this is not a job for him. He is more active not much of a builder and fixer (I do all of this at home.) During this time we took another break and when he got to film out his dream sheet (where he wants to be stationed) he filled out places only in Japan. Again we were still friends and I was sad that he wanted to go so far, but who knew that in the end it would be for the best. He got stationed in Tokyo and I was about to finish beauty school and move back to Tucson. It was a very hard goodbye and we didn't know when he would be back home again. Thankfully we live in the time we do with all the technology we gave available. We kept in touch through email, Skype and in his dorm he had an American based land line or what I called his house phone.

4 months went by and Jacob's grandmother passed away. He came home so he could attend the service it was not the ideal way to see him but it was very nice to see him again. We decided to go steady again and back to Japan he went.

I was working at my dream salon in an internship that I loved. Only problem was I couldn't get enough time off to go and see him so unfortunately I never made it to Japan. Jacob made it back about every 6 months the 2 years he was there.

One visit home

As his time in Japan was coming to an end he found out that he would get stationed in Albuquerque. We had always talked about marriage and me joining him on his Air Force journey. He would only be home about 12 days before we had to head to New Mexico which left us limited to have a real wedding. So we decided to go the court house route with plans for a big wedding in the future (still no plans on that.) He proposed the day before we got married at one of my most favorite and meaningful places, seven falls trail in bear canyon. I was looking threw the mountains and when I turned around he was on one knee. It was amazing and something I will never forget.
The ring 

We got married at the courthouse the next day and had a nice big family and friend dinner at my aunts house. It was nice we got to share it with our family even though it wasn't a huge wedding. I wore a sun dress that was blue with flowers, so I wasn't your typical bride.
Our wedding

We loaded up the uhaul and headed towards Albuquerque. Our new journey finally together after yeas of distance. It did take some getting used to not only living together, but being in the same country. We have had a lot of fun turning this house into our home. And as we grew our family first with Champ who we adopted August 16 2010 and then with Vincent who was due August 16th but came a day late. How ironic right?

ALS graduation 

Jacob is my best friend and in so thankful to have him. He is a great husband and a wonderful father. I love how our life is panning out and excited for our future. We both have great families who love and support us. We couldn't ask for more.

Admiring our new love

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Oh my love of Pinterest!

First if your not following me you should! I sit here while Vince naps and pin away! I think I have some great stuff! But then I have my favorites, some are DIY, some are food, and even the occasional  I love that outfit or hair color! Pinterest is so much fun to just browse all day. I have even got Jacob to look at it with me. He will tell me "have you pinned that, it looks delicious." And he loves all the funny iPhone autocorrect pins as well. So here are some of my favorites that I want to share!

My favorite of all time and what my future office/ craft room desk will look like.Here is where I found it!

Seriously, I love this! 

Here is a beautiful bedroom that I feel in love with and even Jacob agreed he liked it (which is rare, he never likes bedrooms I like.) This is where I found it.

what sold Jacob was the low bed

My most inspirational work out picture, maybe because I own those exact short and they have never looked that good on me. One day they will, Here yea go on that one.

One day I will go here. If you know me, you know I have an obsession with beautiful Buddha statues. If you came to my house you would probably think I was Buddhist. Here is the link. Who wants to go??

We make this now 2 to 3 times a month. It is delicious, the sweet chill dipping sauce is what makes it! Go here to make it!

That is all for now, maybe I will turn this into a weekly thing. If you aren't on Pinterest, your missing out!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vincent Updates

It has been a while since I have sat down and wrote a post just about the little guy so here I go.

The biggest update so far is hard for me to admit because it wasn't in my "plan" of what I wanted to do, but something had to change. I had a very unhappy gassy baby and he needed some consistency in his little life. I have stopped breastfeeding. This is hard for me to say because I wanted to breast feed for at least 6 months and honestly used to pass judgement on people who didn't breastfeed(before Vincent was born.) It has always been tough on us and three and a half months of breast milk is better than nothing. I tried for a little bit to combo feed him formula and breast milk but it didn't work. Also since the beginning I have had supply issues. I took fenugreek, mothers milk tea (so nasty!) ate oatmeal every day, drank over 200 oz of water a day and 32 oz of Gatorade. Plus additional pumping to try to build it up, I wasn't a good pumper and more times than not it left me feeling stressed which isn't good for supply either. Jacob and I sat down and talked about it and made the decision that Vincent needed a change. Since Monday Vince has been solely on Similac Sensitive and is honestly a 100% different baby. The night that I finally said ok enough is enough he was up every 2 hours screaming bringing his legs to chest. I couldn't see my baby in that much pain and as much as I know breast milk is best, I think sleep is equally important. He was napping horribly and just seemed so uncomfortable all day. It is amazing to see a happy baby who isn't crying from gas anymore, only waking up 2 times in a night and napping like a champ. I don't feel like I failed or am making a bad decision because of how uncomfortable he was. I am still pumping twice a day because it is hard for me to let it go. Maybe I think if I keep pumping in a month or so as his stomach keeps maturing that he will be able to drink some breast milk. I am proud that I breast feed this long because I know many people wouldn't have done it as long with as hard as it was on us. Jacob says that he thinks Vince is 10 times better on formula than with breast milk. Although I didn't make my goal of 6 months 3.5 was great for us.

Also a couple weeks ago we changed Vincents acid reflux medicine to prilosec. It is a pain in the rear to make because its granules, but he hasn't had a pure acid spit up since we started it! He doesn't spit up and choke on it anymore either. So for its benefits I will take having to mix it up, letting it sit and waiting 30 minutes for him to eat it.

He is full fledged laughing now, which is hilarious! We love making him laugh with his toothless smile. He is the cutest kid in the world! He laughs especially hard when I sing to him. Maybe it's because I don't have the best voice but man does he laugh! He will also sit and talk to himself which is funny because he looks angry and almost like he is barking at you. I will have to load one of the many videos I have on my phone!
mid laugh

He also jumped up a size is disposable diapers when he wears them. He is now a size 2! We cloth normally during the day, but some days when I am feeling lazy we use disposables. Plus we still have a lot we got from baby showers and such.

As for clothes he can still fit in some 0-3 months, I even have some NB he can fit in. He is still pretty skinny and long so 3-6 are a little baggy on him, but fit him length wise.

As we speak we are trying to wean off the swaddle. Now that he is sleeping better and his gas in under control we are trying to get him to sleep without it. We are taking baby steps with one arm out during naps. We want to wean him 100% of the swaddle for naps then we will do it for bed time where he is double swaddled. Wish us luck!!

We go to the pediatrician here soon for his 4 month well baby check up. He has to get shots which I hate but he needs them and did well with them last time. I also think his doctor will bring up introducing solids, but I think I will wait till he is 5 months at the earliest. I really like his pediatrician, before she has told me that she like to wait between 4-6 month but normally recommends 5 or 6 months. I am still debating if I will give him rice cereal or just start with foods. I plan on making my own so it will be a fun new journey for us! I am nervous because of his gas but hopefully by then his belly will have matured enough for new food. Please if you have any suggestions about intruding solids let me know.
He also loves sucking his lips in now and making the popping noise

That's all for now! I need to do a new baby gear post too her soon. We have added a lot of new things that we love here!! Thanks for reading and have a great day!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DIY lightning bug IKEA leaf

Before Vince was born my cousin was going to Phoenix to go to IKEA and I asked her to pick me up somethings, I asked for this awesome throw blanket and those giant leafs that they have in their  children's section for Vincent's room. She sent them with my parents and I never did anything with them..... Till now.

As I was out looking for more Christmas decor, I stumbled upon a strand of yellow Christmas lights. From what I can remember I have never just seen a strand of yellow. After seeing them a lightbulb went off in my head, remembering that I needed to do something with the IKEA leafs I had. So I got them and starting DIYing right away.

First you just take your normal IKEA leaf and assemble it (it's IKEA of course you have to put it together.) Once you have it all set up grab your lights starting from the bottom and with your handy dandy exacto knife cut small enough slits for each light to go through but not too big to where they would fall out. I skipped a light sometimes to give it a neat look, so you could see the lights above the leaf as well. When you go to hang it the leaf might be too heavy and bend down so I attached a hook screw in the roof and tied a ribbon to the leaf up to the hook. It was super simple and I love the outcome! He loves looking up at it and looking at the lights.

Vincent's view

He loves looking at it!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Decor is up!

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas.... In our house. I love Christmas, and this year especially. Vincent's first Christmas will be spent here in Albuquerque at our home. We are going back home before Christmas, but Jacob wanted Vince to spend his first Christmas here, in the home be brought him home too. This will be my first actual Christmas away from my family but it will also be nice to start new traditions here.

We are doing a relatively small Christmas since we just both got new iPhones and this new iMac. And Vince won't be able to open his gifts. I am thinking about wrapping our iMac box to put under the tree, to remember we already have our Christmas gift sitting up stairs. We will still do stocking stuffers and little gifts I am sure. And of course we will get Vince some things. And our family will probably spoil him. He is too cute not to spoil!

We put up our tree yesterday and I re decorated our holiday table (post found here) I wish last year we would have bought a better tree when they all went on sale, but we had just found out we were pregnant and wanted to save for the baby. I'm not the biggest fan of our tree but it will hold us off another year. I am still contemplating decorating outside. It is so windy here that it is hard to keep things on the ground. The base also has some crazy rules about what you can't do. I do love seeing christmas lights when I am driving home so we might. I was thinking maybe this weekend, but we are supposed to get our first "big" snow on friday. Last year I somehow managed to get out of driving in the snow and I hope this year I am just as lucky.

One of Vincents first ornaments from my aunt, uncle and cousin

Another from his Great-Grandma aka G.G

I am excited to go home! We leave in 2 weeks, were flying and hope we don't have any complications with  it. I am guessing flying there will be east but flying back on the 20th might be a little crazy. This time I'm thankful that Jacob will be with us. He has not been home in a year, which is longer than when he lived in Japan. I guess he came home more because I begged him too. It will also be nice to get some warmer weather. It is getting pretty chilly here. Also excited for the Mexican food, last visit I didn't eat much and this time I am going too! Were going for a week so we will be able to do more as well. I am all around just excited to go!

Jacobs work holiday party is this Friday and I wish I could say I was a little more excited than I am. It will be the first time I leave Vince not with a family member. They have childcare services there but its at a casino and that freaks me out so we will be having a friend watch him. She adores him so I know he will be taken care of. We still haven't even thought about what we are wearing, I am trying to avoid it hoping maybe we won't go, just kidding. I know Jacob and I need to get out alone, but you better believe I will have my phone very close and texting for updates.

Monday, November 28, 2011

DIY Ornament Table Runner

So after I made my Thanksgiving table look pretty decent for just throwing it together the morning of, I really wanted to make something cute for the Holidays. Our dining room is slowing getting taken over by baby stuff because its where it fits, and I don't want to put his stroller in our garage because we have found quite a few black widows in there, so please excuse the stroller. We also put the pack and play in there because we had to move it to fit our tree. And with having a 2 story house that pack and play saves us!

As I was decorating our tree I realized I had a lot of left over ornaments from this tub of blue, silver and light blue ones that I wanted to make something with. For Thanksgiving I made a runner with a brown scarf and wanted a runner this time too. So I made a ornament runner. Now it is a 2 piece runner and I might even get a piece of silver fabric or something to put underneath it but I love how it turned out so far. There will be more I ad to our table in the next week once I make it out to Hobby Lobby along with making is new stockings (we currently don't even have one for Vince yet.) But here is is so far!

Simply lay out your ornaments to whatever style you would like and glue gun away!!!


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