Friday, April 29, 2011

Things I Love

So I have decided that from now on that Fridays will be "Things I Love Friday." I feel like in life you dont stop and think about the things you really "Love." Now it will be full with things I really do just Love and I will throw in a few of my favorite things of the week. Hope everyone enjoys it!!!

1. Jacob
Without him we would have no Vince on the way. He is my best friend and my Love. I can't imagine my life with out him and how very blessed I am to have such a great life partner.

2. My belly full of baby Vincent
Dec 9th the day we found out that we were expecting also the day 5 years before Jacob asked me to be his girlfriend in high school changed our lives. I remember running meeting him halfway up the stairs with my pants half way down (I know embarrassing) showing him the test. I remember how excited and nervous we were that we were going to be parents. As time has gone on I cant imagine not having Vince in my belly right now. We are so excited for him and the new journey  we are going to take on being parents.

I am more thankful than anything of my health. With being pregnant I have had no complications and I am praying it stays that way. I have still been able to work out and continue to do all the things I could before. I will admit getting out of the car and off the couch is a little tougher but for right now I can still do it!

4. My faith
I am lucky to have a strong Faith in God and thank him every day with everything I am blessed with. I know he has my future planned out and I cant thank Him enough how blessed we are.

Now onto the silly things

5. Goody Spin Pin
I admit that even being a hairstylist I am probably one of the laziest people when it comes to doing my hair. With us going on vacation next week I thought I would give these a try. At first a little skeptical but now I Love them. They hold your hair in so tight and it is super easy and quick. I am still playing around with them and all the different variations but for someone with alot of layers they work for me!

6. Vacation
Vacation is less than a week away and I am so excited! We will be going to Sea World and the San Diego Zoo. The other days we plan on relaxing and going where ever the wind blows us. Our "baby moon" will be the last vacation without Vince, so it will be different but I am also excited for vacations with a baby.

Monday, April 25, 2011

One day shy of 24 weeks!

I don't know why my post are always on Mondays where I am always one day shy of my next week but o well. So Easter was a blast, sad being away from home but happy to make our own new traditions here. We had the first annual Smith Easter BBQ. It was very last minute so it was not huge but it was nice to have friends over that are also away from family to share the holiday with!

As for the pregnancy things are going great! Tomorrow I will take my glucose test which I am not really looking forward too but I will be glad to get it over with and done. I am still feeling great! I can't even begin to say how grateful I am that this pregnancy has been soo easy. Im glad I can still do all the things I did before like run, lift weights and do Zumba. I have picked up doing yoga to prepare for birth and I love it too. Also this weekend we fully decided that we are going to Cloth Diaper. With how the diapers are now a days and how cute they are why not do it. Yes I will have to do more laundry and actually have to deal with a poopy diaper but we will save tons of money and its better for our world. That is my earth day contribution. Also have been looking into a natural child birth. For some reason Epidurals have always scared me. I think I am more nervous for the complications of the Epi more than birth. I feel like if I can mentally prepare myself by reading on it I have a chance to actually pull it off. I am not ruling out medication but would like to approach it with a positive mindset that I won't. We will see! Well I hope everyone is doing great! I will leave you with a picture of Jacob and I after Church yesterday!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nesting... Already???

So yesterday I had the day off and Jacob is working days for a class so I took full advantage of him being gone and away during the day. Normally he sleeps all day so my chances to clean upstairs are slim to none. But yesterday I got to do it all without worrying if he could see the light even through his sleep mask or if I am being too loud. I vacuumed, bleached, scrubbed till everything till is was super clean. I feel like after my cleaning spree I haven't stopped. Our house is squeaky clean and I love it! Now if I could only get Jacob to jump on the cleaning band wagon. Lets even hope I can keep up with the cleaning kick I have for a while. Well I hope everyone is having a great Hump Day!

Monday, April 18, 2011

One day shy of 23 weeks

22 weeks 6 days
22 weeks 4 days
So being almost 23 weeks is a great feeling I can't believe that it is going so quick. As you can see the belly is growing, and I love it. This past weekend I had to do a hard core maternity shop. I got mostly dresses because they are the most comfortable. I got shorts, capris and alot of cute little tops.  San Diego is getting closer and closer and I can't wait. We had to move it up a week but hey it means close to the beach! So far not too many plans just Sea World and the Zoo. We will probably relax and hang out at the beach the rest of the time on our "Baby Moon" 
Other than all that I am feeling great! Still going to Zumba and about 2 times a week I try to go for a light jog. I bought a maternity support belt just to help a little with running. I like it so far and hope it helps that I can continue to keep running for a while longer. Don't worry I have talked to my Dr. and this is all ok. I have always ran and worked out so I can continue to keep doing it. I am pretty good at reading my body and don't overwork myself.

Well I will leave you with a bunch of pictures of what we have so far for Vincents room. It is pretty much done now all we have to do is decorate stuff on the walls.  Hope you guys like it all!
Vincents Crib
His Giraffe swing
His dresser
Changing table and rocker

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

21 Weeks!! And Couponing!

 sorry not the best quality but it was last night quick right before Zumba

So I am 21 weeks and feeling great!! I am finally looking pregnant not just a little chubby in the mid section!! With all that being said I have had to get some larger clothing. For now I have just shopped at Target and Ross and I have found some pretty cute stuff!. I'm waiting a couple more weeks before I buy a new swim suit for San Diego which is a little over a month a way. And today is the 2 month mark till my baby shower back home! I am equally excited to go home just to eat. I miss Tucson food so much, I told my mom probably every meal I eat will be at a restaurant that more than likely will me REAL MEXICAN FOOD not this fake Mexican food here in Albuquerque.

Now onto couponing, I watched the show extreme couponing and got interested in how it all works, also some blogs I follow have some couponers that share tips on getting free diapers, free wipes plus so much more. I'm going to start out small mainly just at CVS  and Smiths. Yes I am going to have to learn a new grocery store but If I can save like them hey why not. I'm sure I will still go to the commissary for some stuff but I'm hoping that I can get pretty good at couponing  and will be able to be like the people on the shows who save about 99%. That would be awesome! If anyone has any tips please let me know!


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