Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DIY camera case for my diaper bag!

So I wasn't going to get a diaper bag because I am a huge fan of large purses so I just planed on using one of them and getting an organizer for the inside. Well I was at TJ Maxx and found this awesome huge purse. But it is supposed to be a laptop/work bag. And it was only 20 bucks(can you say steal!!) Also in the inside of the purse there was a laptop case which was fully padded along with the purse being padded. When I got my Canon Rebel I never bought a case for it because I always wanted to make one of my own! Well when I found this I was thrilled! I haven't had too much practice on my sewing machine that I got for Christmas so don't judge that my sewing isn't the best because it really isn't lol. It will get better as time goes on (or at least I hope) The machine is also an embroidery machine and I really want to start using all that

Isn't is beautiful even has bottle holders on the side!!

The padded laptop case
I wanted to actually sew in the camera holder but  I would lose that pocket so I decided to make it something I could take in and out and put it other purses which I actually like better!!

Again please don't judge lol, especially since I only had white thread and I was soo excited to just do it so I did. But it is all super padded and the bottom has 2 layers of foam and a thick piece of cardboard from a 5 subject notebook. I am pretty impressed with it and it works so well!!
Hope you guys like it. I know that camera will be getting so much use when Vince gets here and now I have a safe CUTE little home for it! And it was such a good deal!! Now I just need to make a longer strap for the sides so I can put it around the stroller!

29 weeks! And an overload of pics!!

So this was actually 28 weeks but I don't have a pic for this week
29 Week Highlights

Size of baby: He weighs about 2.5 lbs and the size of a butternut squash. And a little over 15 inches. I hope at my Dr. apt tomorrow I can get a ultra sound to see how big he really is. I haven't seen him since he was 17 weeks. I am going to beg for a ultra sound. Crossed fingers!!!

Maternity Clothes: Yes lol. Well mostly my pants and bottoms. Shirts I can still wear all my old ones and dresses are my absolute favorite thing to wear especially since it is getting to be so hot here they are the perfect solution!!!

Gender: Still a boy, Vincent Van

Movement: A ton! It is so crazy how now I can start feeling him move around so much more. For a while all I felt was kicks and punches but now I feel him roll around and I love it! I love when I see my belly jolt too with his kicks!

Sleep:Is still going great! I can still make it through the whole night without having to go to the restroom which I feel very lucky that I can still sleep very well. I had a maternity pillow and wasn't a huge fan but I got a full body pillow and love it!!! 

Cravings: Not too much. Strawberries and cheese, also a very strong addiction to water. I drink so much a day!! But I would have to say that is my best craving. Also Mexican food that I will be eating in 2 days when I go back home!!!

Symptoms: I can feel that being tired is coming back a little bit. I'm still being super active but at night I get tired a little earlier.

Best moment of the week: Alot! Friday I got a prenatal message which was awesome and I will be getting them once a month if not more from now on!! Our stroller came in and I LOVE IT!! Thanks again to my wonderful family who got it for us! It is going to get a ton of use!! Also I can still run for 20 mins, it is not very fast at all and I wear my maternity support belt so don't worry I am doing it the right way! Also still making it to zumba and the gym. Also I leave for Tucson on Thursday!! So exciting!!

So now with the baby shower on Sunday and going home I am so excited! I get to see my family and see old friends and eat all the food I miss ever so dearly!!! Also we got the nursery most of the way done! I cant wait to get home from Tucson and put all the new stuff away!! I love baby stuff! It is a new addiction! Now here are the overload of pictures I promised!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Baby Moon and 26 weeks 4 days!!!

Ahh first let me start off with how AMAZING vacation was. It was just what we needed. Every day just about was full of fun things. Our first day we got there we packed up and headed to the beach. It was about a mile walk because we stayed in the bay. The weather was so nice, we quickly found ourseleves a nice place on the sand to just relax and get a little color! After that I had to buy a new pair of shoes which eneded up being my first and certainly not last pair of TOMS. I could go on and on about them. I didnt take them off our whole trip. Needless to say I have the worst TOMS tan line now, but they are awesome and plus everytime you buy a pair they give a child in need a pair.
Silly face
Check out that belly!

Our second day we went to Sea World where both Jacob and I got bad sunburns. I put some sunscreen on my face but not my arms or legs. Now I have a great tan line from my TOMS and also my watch on one arm and braclet on the other. AWESOME! Need to even that out now haha.

outside the dolphins
On the tram

Our third day was a total beach day with it starting first with Chipotle. We dont have on here in Albuquerque so we took full advantage of having on vaca. Then the rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing at the beach. This time we wore tons and tons of sunscreen! That night we went to a Padres game which was alot of fun they even played the Diamondbacks from our home state so it was a fun game!!

at the Padres game.

Chocolate chocolate chocolate!!! Some friends of ours who we went to the baseball game invited us to go to the Chocolate festivle at the botanical gardens. It was AWESOME!! I ate sooo much chocolate it wasnt even funny! Then we got to walk around the gardens which were beautiful. Did I mention we ate In and Out that day too. Yet another place we dont have here.

Our lazy day happened to fall of Mothers Day. We went out to breakfast and the rest of the day just relaxed before we went to a nice dinner at our hotel. The weather was a little overcast so we just stayed in and hung out. The next day was also a little overcast but we decieded to head our for a walk around town. We went to my favorite burrito place in San Diego called Taco Surf. Ahh it was soo good to eat I could have ate it every meal we were there. Had a little fro yo and enjoyed walking around in the nice cool weather. That night our friends invited us over for dinner and it was a blast they have a 8 week old little boy and it was so fun to play with him. Our last day before we flew back to Albuquerque we took one last walk to beach to say goodbye and then we left. It was bitter sweet to come back I missed Champ so much. The whole Vacation I had just wished we could have brought him because he would have loved the beach!!!

Yikes!! So painful
<3 my TOMS

Good bye beach! See you next time!

Well now onto being 26 weeks and 4 days preggo!! Ah it is so crazy how fast it is all going. I had a dr apt yesterday and I was measuring 27-28 weeks. I wont get another US till 33 weeks and I cant wait for that. I hope we can get some good 3D images of little Vince. He is moving around more than ever and I love it. I leave for Tucson in less than 3 weeks for my baby shower there and I'm excited. It will be so nice to see all my family and friends. And eat at all my favorite places there.


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