Thursday, July 14, 2011

35 weeks 2 days!

I have been slacking these last couple weeks! But I am still here and doing GREAT. I still feel awesome and very thankful that I am still feeling so well because I know not all pregnant women have it very easy so I am beyond thankful. Well here are some last couple weeks highlights (as I sit on my yoga ball)
35 weeks 2 days

35 week highlights
Size of baby: The side of a honeydew and over 5 lbs. I can tell my belly is really starting to get big and also starting to drop a little bit. I can't believe that so soon he will be here. Also I can't believe that he is going to gain half a pound every week from here on out!

What do you miss: Fitting into clothes. It is even getting tough fitting into my maternity bottoms comfortably. I never really bought maternity tops becuase I have a very small torso and I could get away with all my long tops but now those are even getting a little short! As you will notice the shirt I wore for my last picture is the one I am wearing in this weeks only because its one of the few that are still comfortable in the heat!!

Movement: Still alot but now more just rolls not really kicks anymore. He is getting to big to punch. 

Sleep: Knock on wood still going great. I will admit that I now get up 1 or 2 times a night to use the restroom which is very unlike me but I am usually so out of it that I fall right back asleep. Also thank God for body pillows I swear it has saved me!

Symptoms: Well I get some sharp pains here and there from Vince dropping and I think maybe a handful of Braxton Hicks. Not swollen or even extremely tired but more frequent use of the ladies room is definitly around these days. I can still work out I even ran and used the rowing machine the other day and felt great. 

Best moment of the week: Getting a mani and pedi. Ah getting my feet rubbed is awesome and my nail lady is the best. She always does the best job I get Shellac for my mani and normal for my pedi. Also my work is throwing me a baby shower this Sunday and I am so excited about it!!!

Here are also some pictures from our 4th of July celebrations at some friends of ours! It was such a blast!!
So funny to watch!

There was no rough housing for me I just had fun bouncing around!


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