Friday, August 5, 2011

The Final Countdown!! 38 weeks 3 days!

So it has been a little while since I have blogged and yes I am still pregnant lol. I am still feeling good getting a little harder and harder each day moving around but I am still feeling and sleeping great!! Jacob finally got to sew on Staff Sargent! Which is awesome, He is so excited for the baby to come I think he might be more anxious than me. Other than that life here for us is going awesome! Were getting the house all ready for when we have all the family out here and cant wait to see everyone who comes! We love visitors!

38 weeks Highlights

Size of baby: I got an ultrasound yesterday and they had him weighing 8 lbs! He is going to be a big boy!!!

What do you miss?: Right now I miss shirts that fit. Not even my super long shirts cover the belly  all the way. Today I am wearing a dress as a shirt with shorts just to cover my big ole belly

Movement: Still quite a bit. He is a very active little boy just like his parents! Yesterday the ultrasound tech said she had never seen such a big baby move that much and also said that it means he is under no stress. I really liked hearing that.

Sleep: Knock on wood still AWESOME! I sleep about 9 to 10 hours a night. I do have to get up 3 to 4 times but I fall right back asleep. Granted I am not as comfotable I think I keep myself so busy during the day that I am so pooped at the end of the day I just fall asleep.

Symptoms: Still the sharp pains and cramping. Also heartburn has reared its little head back in but Tums get rid of it right away. Still not swollen which I am so greatful for.And getting out of the car is a little tough lol.

Best moment of the week: Hearing that Vincent is head down. We had a little scare that he was breech and i would have a scheduled C-section for early next week. And for those who dont know I am planning a natural birth so a C-section is NOT what I want not one bit! I had to drive to another office to get a ultra sound and was a mess the whole way.But thank God he is head down he is just laying a little different that he normally does.

Everything here is all ready for him to come. We bought a new car seat because I had a mini meltdown with our other one and not being able to get it in the car correctly. We bought the Chicco key fit 30 and I love it. It matches our stroller perfectly too so that was an added bonus. It is the number 1 rated infant car seat and the number 1 rated easiest to install so we LOVE  it so far. The base is already in the car and the hospital bags are packed!! Now we are just waiting on Vincent!!


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