Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Need Your Help!

So with March being here tomorrow and that means only 17 short days until Vincent is 7 month{just cried a little} I need help on what we do next on our feet board.

As you all know we have been tracking Vince monthly by doing his footprints on a large canvas since he was about 3 days old. I love it, it hangs in his room and I look at it every day wondering where the time has gone.

But now we have come to a dilemma, I am out of space and can't fit anymore feet in the middle row. I guess I never really thought of what I would do when this time came, but now I want to keep tracking his footprint journey along with the monthly pictures. So do I keep using the same canvas and just make another row or do I make another big canvas and do it all over again?

I need help, this is my favorite part of his room and I want to keep it going.

Also does anyone know where online or even if I can do it in Lightroom where I can make a collage that is 7 rectangles down or more??

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sick baby= no fun!

So Vince is sick for the first time ever in his 6 months of life and can I say it is so sad to see him like this. He is so congested and phlegmy. He can barely drink his milk because it congests his so bad. And normally ends up throwing it up just to get the mucus out. . He even did it with his breakfast this morning, and let me tell you peaches and oatmeal mixed with mucus is not fun. {sorry if this is a little too much information} He is getting enough for the day, and having plenty of wet and dirty diapers. We try to feed him whenever we can and whenever he will take it. We have called his pediatrician and she says that it will run its course. He hasn't had a fever since Saturday and it is staying in the high 98's to low 99's. I have decided that if tomorrow he is still like this then we will take him in. I feel so bad for the little guy. Last night him and I even slept in the guest bedroom because he couldn't sleep.

Well I am keeping this short and sweet because he is napping I need to get some things done while I can. I hope everyone is having a great week and I hope I can catch up on my blogging here soon!

2 nights ago sleeping away

Monday, February 27, 2012

Vince is Staying Reflux Med Free!!

Since I haven't updated you guys on Vince's G.I. appointment yet, I am excited to say that he is going to be reflux med free! I am very excited for this because I know the longer a baby is on a PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitors- strong reflux med like Prilosec, Nexium or Prevacid) that they can become very dependent on them and it is very tough to wean them off.

When we stopped Vince we just dropped the morning dosing then worked on dropping the night dosing. When he was completely off them, he actually spit up less and started taking longer naps. Now I don't know if this is due to his sleep training or what, but I don't mind.

The doctor also gave us Neocate Nutra, which is their brand of medical grade food. It is mostly for babies who have more allergies than Vince and can't tolerate any food. But the doctor told us it is a good way to add calories and keep him full a little longer. Vince eats every 3 hours during the day and doesn't feed at night. I have tried to give him more formula in hopes of extending the time, but he won't finish them. I have only tried the Nutra 2 times so far and I did find success in giving him carrots mixed with it, when he normally doesn't eat carrots by themselves. Its smells just like his formula so I think thats why he could tolerate it. I am making my own baby food and I love it. It is so easy and fun to me! Today I made mango, zucchini, broccoli and apples. Hope he likes them. We tried to add two new foods a week. He still likes them pretty thin so we will work on getting him to like a little thicker as we go.

As for his weight he is doing good! He weights 17 pounds even and 28 inches long. He is a tall and skinny guy!!

he would just spit them out after every bite

his special food
His awesome new sunglasses!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Fitness Friday! I'm Linking Up!

the blessed life

 Last week I was too busy to post a Fitness Friday, so mine today will be for the last two weeks and lack of working out!!

Last week I did P90X 3 times with a goal of wanting to do it 6 times, so on a positive side I completed half of my goal! I also took Vince for a couple walks around our neighborhood. It was actually kind of nice out last week. I should have ran, but wasn't really in the mood.

This week has been a little better. I have done p90X 4 times, Jacob trained me one day (he is a personal trainer) and I ran two days. All in all I had a pretty good week for how many appointments and things we had to do this week.

Eating has been not so great. Yesterday we went to the Commissary and loaded up on healthy foods so this week should be good. This morning I even made my green monster shake!! I love them!!!

Goals for this week are going to be pretty much the same. Do my P90X and run! Hopefully if Jacob hasn't cross trained yet we plan on doing the Warrior Run here in Albuquerque on Cinco de Mayo. I'm really excited about it!!

I have also decided to take a break from the scale, I get disappointed and don't want it to bring me down. I am thinking maybe a weekly or bi-weekly weigh in.

Well I hope everyone out there is staying healthy and working. Have a great Friday!!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Prayer Request

As I entered Vince's GI appointment today, I noticed a little boy who I believe had EB. Now I know most of you bloggers know what this is from Tripp's story. I checked in and went and sat by the boy and his mom. I said hi and she asked how old Vince was. I told her 6 months and we were here because he is allergic to a lot of food. She answered with "he is allergic to friction." I knew then it was EB and asked her if it was. Her face had looked shocked that I actually knew what it was. I told her that I followed a blog about a boys journey with EB. She quickly replied "Tripp?" Then we got to talking, she told me that he was 5 and that she had two other children. She said he has his moments of bad times, but most of the time does pretty good. He was adorable, and had the longest eyelashes I had ever seen. He was playing with a magnetic coloring tablet. He was shy, but did manage to give me a smile.

Today I learned I have really become a mother. I saw him as an adorable boy first, rather than a boy who is different than most. I know that it made me feel good to feel this way and I hope I made the mothers day as well.

Now I know not all of you are religious, but if you could keep this family in your prayers or thoughts. She was a very strong woman and I will never forget them. I don't even know their names but they will forever be in my prayers.

I Have Got Some Catching Up to do.

So on top of being the worst blogger ever lately, Vince has turned half a year old!!! I can not believe how fast he is growing. I know everyone always says they grow too fast, but they really do. I want to make it slow down and get all I can get out of these little baby days! It seems like yesterday I was holding my 8 pound 6 ounce new born, having to treat him like a fragile little baby. When he would sleep all the time, and all I wanted to do was play. I love him more and more every second. He has really brought so much joy to Jacob and I and we could not be any happier.

Now a days he is a rolling machine, sitting isn't really his favorite thing to do, only because he is a very curious little guy and wants to look around everywhere which leads to him leaning back or sideways while sitting. We always make sure we are around when he is sitting. He is loving his toys and could play with his plastic car keys all day. He also loves the remote and our phones.

As far as Vince is doing, he is doing great.  I really think the Neocate formula is really helping and I have even removed his acid reflux medicine for over 2 weeks now. He is having some issues at night and we have a GI appointment this morning. I am wondering if the night problems are acid reflux related so we will see. He is also eating about 3 meals a day. Some days we skip one or two, but he is tolerating some food. Breakfast is oatmeal mixed with apples, which is hands down his favorite. Lunch is normally green beans, we tried carrots yesterday and he was not fan to say the least. Then for dinner he has oatmeal and apples again. I am slowly trying new things out, but in no rush for him to try them. We have the baby bullet so it is super easy making his food. Although I think he likes the Beech Nut applesauce better than mine.

Last week we thought Vince had a minor cold so I took him in, she said it will runs it course and in deed it has. He weighed 16 pounds 12 ounces and they didn't measure him, but he is very long. We were at church this weekend and I swear he was as tall as a 18 month old little boy we saw. I am sure today at his GI appointment they will measure all that and we have his 6 month well baby check up tomorrow which means shots.

I have also got some new toys around here, I finally got editing software for my photos! I ended up choosing Lightroom and so far I love it. I am not very good at figuring it all out and plan on buying an app on the iMac to help me learn the ins and outs of the program. Some pictures I think may look a little over edited, but I will get better with time. Please be honest and tell me what you think.

Last week Vince was a very unhappy little guy, so it made blogging close to impossible and Jacob was working 7pm to 7am again so I was very busy momma. So I apologize for my absence, but I will be working on it this week!

Well I hope everyone is doing well and having a great Tuesday morning!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Better late than never right?

Today was a crazy day for us. Vince woke up and could not stop sneezing. In two hours he sneezed 23 times. We have his 6 month well baby next week, so I wanted to make sure that he wasn't sick for that. I called the doctor and they got him in right away. She said it is probably just a minor cold along with some teething. And he should be a-ok for his appointment next week.

This morning I made heart shape pancakes for Jacob, I made them last year too, but this year they turned out a lot better shape wise.

My Lightroom 3 also came in today, and it is AWESOME! Main reason this post is so late.

Jacob had to go to work tonight at 7 so it didn't give us much time to celebrate Valentines Day, but I am grateful he is even home because next year he hopefully will be at training.

Here is Vincent's Valentine Day photoshoot.

Monday, February 13, 2012

My Weird Monday

Today has been nothing less than strange around here. Jacob is working twelve's this week and on top of working the night shift our schedule is very out of whack. He will work 7pm to 7 am, kinda makes for a lame Valentines day tomorrow, but we will make the best of it.

Jacob stayed up most of the day yesterday, we had some friends over for dinner and went to bed at 9. He woke up at 3:30 this morning and I slept till 7. Vince wanted to sleep in till 8:30 and Jacob and I didn't mind. But something about being up before Vince kinda threw my day off.

So to get out of my funk I decided that I was super clean and doing some cooking and baking. I started with Lentil Chilli from a vegetarian cook book I have. I change it around a little to make it a little more spicy. Then made banana bread from Pinterest {for some reason I can not make a link! UGH today isn't my day, see}

I am still currently in my pjs too. I normally don't mind mondays, but today just needs a re-do button. Hopefully tomorrow this momma will get her groove back!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Fitness Friday

Wow, is it already Friday again? I swear the weeks fly by and I am linking up with Cait again!!

the blessed life

How did week 1 go?
For me it went great. I changed my goals around a little because we got P90X, so I made my goal to be to finish the full 90 days. I just finished Day 5 and man I am so sore. I feel great though, and I feel like I can see a little more tone already!!

As for weight, I gained 2 pounds over the weekend, ended up losing them and then this morning I gained 1 back. I am pretty annoyed with this because I have been watching my eating. Jacobs says I am building muscle, and I guess I should believe him, he is an elite personal trainer.

Week 2 goals:
To do all my P90X and try to throw in some runs. I am going for a run later because it looks nice out. Also to keep tracking my food diary on My Fitness Pal (@MCSmith817) Also make my meal plan more nutritious, This week there was a lot of cheese and next week I want more veggies and protein. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I still have over 60 ounces of breast milk in the freezer. Why, you may ask?

Because I am just not ready to let go. I miss breast feeding, I made a goal when I was pregnant to breast feed Vince till he was 6 months old and it is sad to think I didn't make it all the way. 

I know that Vince has to be on special formula and that he is a lot happier now. Which makes me happier too, but there are times I still miss it. I know the decision I made when Vince was 3.5 months old to switch to formula feeding was the right one. And I don't sit around all day missing it, I just can't seem to throw it away. 

I don't know when I will be able to throw it all away. Jacob asks every time that we clean out the fridge before we go to the grocery store and I just say "not yet." 

By now it is all expired, but when I look at it, it get happy thinking " I made that, I worked very hard for that." No I don't plan on giving it to Vince to see if he can handle it again. But it is nice to look at and see some times.

I know a lot of you mothers who breast fed out there know how hard it is to pump all that, it is like liquid gold. Thanks for letting me share my freezer secret.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

#FebPhotoADay Week:1

I loved looking at all the January PhotoADays so I knew I wanted to participate in Februarys challenge. I excited and ready for the challenge. It will make me actually take pictures and also a different type of pictures than I normally take.

Here are Februarys rules:

Day 1- Your View Today: Our trip to TargĂ© 

Day 2- Words: Vincents Baby Book
Because Vince rolled from back to belly I had to put it in here and these words meant a lot to me that day

Day 3- Hands: Vince sleeping

Day 4- A Stranger: The Starbucks employee
This was a tough one to take a picture of. And I didn't get caught.

Day 5- 10am: Vince playing

Day 6- Dinner: Black bean quesidillas, homemade pico and cilantro lime rice! Yumm

Day 7- Button: My favorite jeans

I love seeing everyones #FebPhotoADay pics! Follow me on instigram @meganthemomma

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lastest Favorites on Pinterest

I still have a very strong obsession to Pinterest, and it doesn't look like it is going to slow down any time soon. Here are some of my latest favs!

seriously this is adorable

I need to read this everyday!

for everyone doing the photo a day challange

so want to do this for jacob!

I know they are all very random, but I love each of them. I honestly don't think I will ever get bored of Pinterest! Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Our Super Bowl

We had a great time with friends this weekend. On Saturday there were UFC fights, so we went over to a friend of ours house to eat and watch them at. { I just like the eating and being with friends} It was a great time, they have a little boy who is 6 weeks younger than Vince and another couple we are friends with have a little boy who is 5 months older than Vince. They boys had fun playing and of course all the adults had fun.

On Sunday we went over to the couple that has the boy 5 months older to watch the game. There was so much food, My Fitness Pal was out the window yesterday! There were Korean short ribs, lumpia, buffalo chicken dip, chocolate flan, mac and cheese, chicken long rice, cowboy caviar and so much more. 

I didn't really care for either team, so again it was just a fun time to be with friends. Also Vince decided that he wasn't going to nap the over 5 hours we were there. But as soon as he was in his car seat, before we even picked it up to leave he was asleep. Even our friends noticed how much calmer Vince was. Which means a lot because sometimes it is hard for me to see.

The little boys had a great time! I love having weekends like this, I really miss begin around friends all the time. It was a nice treat! 

His favorite shirt

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our Sleep Training Update

First I would like to thank  Natalie at Extraordinary Love for all the extensive emails about how she got her little sweet pea Callyn to sleep. If you missed my post about Vince hating sleep here is where you can go read it at. Her and I were having the same problem with sleep and after trying all the "No Cry" methods, she figured out a way to get Callyn to sleep. If 
you  don't read her blog, you should! I love it, and Callyn is such a cutie!!

Here is what we did:

First we figured what the reasons Vince was not sleeping very well and they were, not being able to self soothe, fighting the swaddle, and too attached to the pacifier. I knew we had to stop swaddling and remove the paci from our bed time routine. Thus this would help him self soothe.

We started with bed time, we bathed him and got him in his jammies, and instead of swaddling him up arms and all, we just swaddled his belly, so he could still feel the tightness and his legs can't go everywhere. Then I fed and burped him and laid him in his bed while he was still awake. Let me tell you he was not a fan. I turned on his angel care monitor and left the room. I started a timer on my iPhone and sat in the office, which is right next to his room. He cried for 42 minutes. I would go and check him without him seeing me every 15 minutes. That night he slept 11 hours! I was in shock.

They next day we were going to attack his naps, I fed him, let him play and watched for sleep cues. One he let a yawn or rubbed his eyes I took him upstairs, turned on his iPod to Pandora on the reggae channel {for some reason he loves reggae, if he is crying I will put it on and he will calm down, rather funny I think. So now it is part of our "nap routine"} changed his diaper  and again swaddled just his belly. I laid him in his crib and left the room. This time he only fussed for 12 minutes and was asleep. He only slept for 35 minutes but some is better than none, right. He did the same thing for the next two naps.

Now our 4th nap of the day, has always been a tough one. He just doesn't want to sleep, but then gets extremely fussy by bedtime. So I laid him down and he cried for 35 minutes and fell asleep. Now this time he slept for 3 hours and when he woke up it was past his bed time and he was very unhappy. He was crying so hard that it took me ten minutes to put his night time jammies. Jacob made his bottle and I fed him and he passed out and didn't even finish his bottle. I laid him in bed and he opened his eyes then feel right asleep. He again slept for 11 hours straight. Not one peep!

The next day naps went well, all except the final nap. I left his leaf light on and left the room. He cried for 30 minutes and it didn't seem like it was going to slow down at all. I think the light was distracting him. So I went in, without him seeing me and turned it off. After about another 20 minutes of crying I went in and burped him and laid him on his belly. And after only 10 minutes he was asleep. But he again woke up very unhappy, this time I was prepared and I had a bottle ready for him. So I put him in his jammies, fed him, and laid him down and 
he fell right asleep.
Now that night went a little differently, at 11:30 he woke up. I let him cry a little then went in and gave him so gas drops. He was pretty gassy that day, so i guessed it was the culprit and he fell asleep after 11 minutes.  Then was asleep the rest of the night.
His naps are getting even better, it almost sounds like he is playing then I just don't hear him on the monitor. They are also staying around 40 minutes, I am hoping they get a little longer, but am very happy with them as they are now.

We are still trying to figure out the last nap of the day so he doesn't think it is bed time. I am going to try keeping him up and seeing how that goes. 

Now I know this way isn't for everyone and you might be sitting here reading, thinking "how could she let her baby cry that long?" And let me tell you, he was doing the same things, even worse in my arms. He would scream, arch his back and it took sometimes an hour for him to fall asleep. So this is actually less crying. He has also been pacifier free for over two days. I figured if we were going to get rid of it for naps and bed time, we might as well just kick the habit early. I have been keeping him entertained with Sophie and other tethers. He doesn't seem to miss it except when in the car seat. I carry one just in case we are out in public and he has a breakdown.

Again I want to thank Natalie so much for all the advice. I was very scared to try it and now Vince is even happier than before!! 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Fitness Friday!

the blessed life

So I am linking up this week Cait from The Blessed Life for her Fitness Friday link up. This is my first doing it and I am excited

How did I do this week?

This week I have been lacking motivation, to say the least. I blame the weather and how foggy it is, or just that I am finally getting some full nights of sleep {more on that tomorrow.} A friend and I have decided that we are going to run every Saturday. She has a little boy who is 6 weeks younger than Vince and we actually met at our Zumba class when we were pregnant. Then on Monday I went to the gym here on base for the first time in forever. I used to be a gym rat, so even the guy at the front desk asked about not seeing me and about the baby. He also got me to sign up for a 5k on Valentines day. The fun part is I can run with Vince! I ran that day and did some CrossFit. I did a goal that I had been wanting to accomplish for a while, double unders. Which is where you jump rope and you have to spin the jump rope twice to one jump. But I did it and I felt great! I also did some work outs with the medicine ball. The rest of the week has not been so great. I have been doing Fab Ab Feb, which I saw on this awesome blog. It isn't that hard yet, but I can tell it will be.

As for eating, I have been doing pretty good. I have been trying to log my meals on My Fitness Pal {which you should follow along with my @mcsmith817} Last night I even opted for a salad instead of tacos.

Workouts This Week

Saturday: 30 minute run up hills with the jogging stroller. I forgot to use mapmyrun so I don't know how far it was.

Monday: 25 minute run, 30 double unders, Upper body weights and abs

Wed: Fab Ab Feb

Thurs: Fab Ab Feb

Weight Loss:
Down one pound.

Goal for next week:
Run 3 times and the third run being 3 miles.
Weight lift 3 times
Continue to do Fab Ab Feb
2 at home exercises

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Things I Will Do Different Next Baby...

.... Come on I know every first time parent has at least one thing that they will do a little differently the next go around.

For me I have a few, now I don't know how easy it will be to not do these things, but I feel like if they were avoided in the beginning it would be a lot easier in the long run.

First is attempt not to swaddle after the first couple weeks. I know it did help Vince sleep, but it is a battle we are fighting till this day to break. He doesn't even like it any more, but when we take it off his arms are everywhere, ultimately waking him up. Also he still even naps it and that makes it tough for him to learn to fall asleep anywhere.

Listen to my gut when I think something isn't "right." I listened to our pediatrician when she kept saying everything was normal and that Vince was fine. I had to beg to get a referral to the GI doctor and to get reflux medicine. I wish we could switch, but we go on base.

Avoid BabyCenter as much as possible, it is full of a lot of very judgmental people and I started thinking everything was wrong with Vince. I know it is there to help out, but for me it made me a hypochondriac for Vince.

The pacifier, now this was something I didn't even want to start with Vince, but he had a great latch during bfing and we didn't give it to him till he was 4 days old when he would not stop crying. Now looking back it was probably cheese or some type of dairy that he was crying for. But if I do choose to give the next baby a paci I will try to avoid it at night time. So he or she doesn't get used to it.

Now this is a hard one, not cuddle the sweet bundle of joy to sleep every time. I mean its pretty hard not to when all they do is sleep, but maybe after 4 or 5 weeks start laying them down just before they fall asleep. Also this mean not laying he or she in the swing for every nap. Sure it worked great and Vince fell asleep no problem, but now he won't even lay in the swing without crying because he knows this is where he falls  asleep. {Did I mention he hates sleep lol}

Now there are a lot of things that I am glad that I did with Vince that I will do with the next baby, like lots of tummy time, use a noise machine for naps and bedtime, have a bedtime routine that doesn't change unless need be, move to their own bed as soon as they seem ready, take lots of picture and devote all my love and energy towards them.

Now don't make me feel alone here, share yours!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday Randoms!

Vince is teething, which mean his sleep is even worse than before. This makes for an all too tired momma, but Jacob is awesome and has been getting me green tea from Starbucks on his way home from work every morning which has been a life saver.

Vince in our bed up way too early

My lifesaver: trenta iced green tea, no water, no ice. Yes I like it strong!

I ordered Vince a Baltic Amber Teething Necklace of etsy. It is a natural pain relief and I am hoping it helps with some of the pain from his acid reflux as well.

I was going to wait till Jacob got his class date to change jobs to re-do Vincents room, but today we are headed to the fabric stores to find some fabric to make curtains.

I loved all the comments and emails about Vincent's sleep and about sleep training. You guys are awesome!

I went to the gym on Monday and did double unders. Which is where you jump rope, but make the rope go twice on one jump. Its pretty hard and I still don't have the best bladder after having Vince, but I had never been able to do them. My arms still have light welts on them, but totally worth it!

I am excited for super bowl Sunday! I am going to try out again another new church with some good friends and then head to a BBQ! Should be a fun day!

I signed Vince up for a parent-tot swimming class and it starts February 15th. It's two days a week for 30 minutes. I am so excited! Now I need to find a one piece :(

I have also worn my hair down and done for going on 4 days now. Which I hope all you other mommas out there can agree that, that is impressive. I have probably worn my hair down maybe 20 times since Vince has been born.


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