Friday, March 30, 2012

Fitness Friday!

Linking up again with Cait!! Love seeing other fitness goals getting reached or setting new ones!! You're only given one body for your whole life, treat it like the precious jewel it really is!!!

the blessed life

I am kicking some major butt in my workouts lately. I think I finally have the drive and motivation to really achieve the body I want.

Pinterest has really been helping me out, I go on it daily to the fitness section and just pin tons of pictures to help me keep my motivation up. Also I follow some pretty fit and healthy people on Instagram who motivate me as well. Knowing that there are other mommas out there with killer bods is an awesome extra push.

I have been mostly in the gym lately, doing the CrossFit Mom's WODs which I love. I can see so much more tone already. Crossfit is also really big on The Paleo Diet, which is a little much for me, but I try to incorporate it into my eating. I really like the quote I have seen around Pinterest 'eat clean, train dirty' I know for the health and ideal body I am going for those two things are muy importante.

I have also been feeling a lot better during the day. I'm no longer feeling sluggish and try to keep busy doing something. The awesome weather we have been having is also playing a major factor in this. It's so true, Vitamin D makes me happy! Actually a run I went on the other day I even got {eeekkk I hate to say it} hot! And I know its just going to get warmer. I better suck it up, or run earlier.

I get my wisdom teeth taken out on the 9th so I am really going to try to work out about everyday until then just so that, that down time doesn't set me back to far. I don't know how my recovery will be, but now I base everything off childbirth and I was at Target 3 days after Vince was born, how bad could this be?

I am trying to keep small goals for this week and really just work on making it to the gym or going on run. Or having Jacob coach me along in an at home workout.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Finally Used the Embrodiery Machine!!

Let me say that it is harder and easier than I thought all in one. I found that I can buy appliques on line that will load right into my machine. I wanted to make a fun shirt for a friend of ours son for turning one. He really likes dinos so I went on line and found a super cute dino for around $5. I also bought this font pack of 3 adorable fonts to put his name underneath.

The dino was really easy, you pretty much put the fabric in the hoop and press go and change thread when it tells you too. I read the machine wrong when it went to add the smile and eye, so it left the green thread in. But I did learn from it. The rest of the dino came out great!! I loved it!

Not that bad for the first time ever, right?

I hate buying gift bags so this is how we gave Grey his gift!

Some other projects that I did were also super fun and taught me even more about my machine were Vincent's Easter basket lining and Tarra's name and a lipstick for her new makeup bag.
This basket is massive. You will soon see Vince's Easter pictures where he is sitting in this!!

I am about to start a project for a friend that is going to be adorable!!!

I am also thinking about opening up a etsy shop, I know there are so many, but I really love doing these projects and since I am new my prices would be cheap! I want to learn how to make totes and beach bags that I could embroider. I want to make birthday shirts and really anything anyone wanted.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

my "wisdom teeth" are not wise

Pretty much sums it up for you.

I have known since high school that I needed these teeth out, but I have always been way to scared! I hear so many horror stories and I just always chickened out on going.

Well that is biting me in the rear end right now.

My bottom two are impacted and sideways, but poking through a little bit. Which is painful and very annoying, because they have little gaps in between them and my molars. Well Saturday I ate some pop corn and the lower left one stared killing me. I thought I maybe got a popcorn kernel stuck deep down inside. So I played dentist and probably made the situation worse. Woke up Sunday, my gums were very inflamed and try sore to the touch. 

I made an apt for Monday morning where my dentist cleaned it out and in deed did find a kernel way underneath the gum. He told me that I needed the bottom two out, but I need to wait for it to become not so inflamed. The pain went away until I ate again and woke up yesterday in even more pain. 

I called him told him every time I bite down that I was in a lot of pain. He told me to come in and he would pull the upper left wisdom tooth because it was pushing on the bottom inflamed gum so badly. I agreed, I kept thinking to myself that I had a child, I can do this. 

I got into his office and where he showed me my x-ray from the day before and said that I have a large bone on either side of both my upper wisdom teeth, which holds a problem that the tooth might be stuck to the bone, so when he pulls it out the bone may come along too. 

Now I was only getting the local numbing medicine since the tooth was already through and I didn't think it would be a big deal. But when he said that, I got scared. He said he would have to preform surgery and cut me open to get the bone out and that I would be in a lot of pain. 

We talked about my options. I needed to be sent to a oral surgeon who sedated anyway since my lowers are laying right on my nerve and the best choice we came up with is get them all done at once. Sedated, so that if that bone does break, I won't be awake to hear it. The noise was the scariest thing to me. I don't do broken bones. My stomach hurts just writing that.

So he called the other oral surgeon and made me an apt for April 16th, way to far away for the pain I am in and I can't just constantly be on Vicodin {like I am writing this, please excuse any typos} So I called them up and asked to be put on a cancellation list. Lucky me, they had an opening today at 2:30 for my consult. I am so excited! 

Jacob is off the rest of this week and if I can get it this week it would be best. I am praying they have an opening. Its going to be hard for him to get time off after being off for a month so I am crossing my fingers I can get it done. 

I am nervous for the recovery, but they need to be done. I had 4.5 years of braces and my teeth are not straight again, due to the fact that the "stupid teeth" are pushing them forward. I will probably get braces  some time in the future because I want a perfect smile.

Please keep me in your prayers!!! 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tarra's Trip to Albuquerque!!

First let me say that I have about 5 blogs that are drafts that need pictures added to them and content. I promise I will work on it. With Jacob being home this month I am enjoying my time with him and it gets tough to blog!!

Any who, this weekend my best friend and who knows how soon sister in law came to visit. Jacob and his brother went to Vegas with some other friends for a boys trip, so Tarra decided to come out instead of being home alone while Mathew left.

We had such a blast! The last time they came out Vince was 2 weeks old and we didn't really get to do much since he was attached to me nursing the whole time or sleeping. So everyday this trip we were out of the house and super busy!! Needless to say we slept good those 4 nights!!!

The first day she got in we took it easy, we went to the grocery store, out to eat, a little shopping and then home to make dinner and watch Never Say Never! I love him! And I think I might have turned Tarra into a fan as well!

Friday we went to Santa Fe. Neither of us had ever been, we waited for Vince to wake up from his first nap and then we hit the road. It only took an hour to get to the outlets, which had fun stores like Nike, Under Armor, and Coach. I bought my 2nd Coach purse ever and I love it so far!! I'm not a huge Coach fan, but this one is black on black and works amazing as a diaper bag! Then we went into town to the famous "Plaza" It was beautiful, there were so many neat little southwestern shops. We also went to the Church with the Miraculous Staircase, it is made with no nails holding it together. I got Vince a baby Bible there along with a adorable cross for his room and a rosary just like the one Jacob got when he was a baby. We ate some awesome Mexican food and walked around for a couple hours.

The beautiful staircase

My new bag!!

Saturday we spent the day doing some shopping around town. I took Tarra to Hobby Lobby for her first time ever, then to Target and then the mall. We did some damage at the mall, but I really needed to update my wardrobe, so it was well needed!! We came home and crafted, which was a lot of fun! We embroidered makeup bags, failed at making maxi skirts and I made a purse organizer for my new purse.

Sunday we went to the zoo, it was amazing outside. We packed up a picnic and a big bag for Vince and we spent the majority of the day there. We even got a touch sun burned, Vince was sun screened from head to toe and I only had some on my face so my shoulders got worked! Then we came home and ate before we had to take Tarra to the airport.

my favorite picture!!!

It was such a fun trip, but it was nice to get Jacob back on Sunday. I missed him so much! With him being on leave this whole month, we spend the whole day together so 4 days of being apart was tough. I don't know how I am going to do it when he cross trains then deployments! He even brought me home In and Out, which wasn't the freshest after being the in the car for 9 hours, but I ate it so fast!!

Stay tuned for upcoming blogs! Vince's room is almost all the way complete and I have been doing some other fun DIY projects. Along with losing 3 pounds and working out a ton!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

7 months old!

I just cried writing that.

Seriously I feel like Vince has turned into a little man over night! He has become so alert to what is going on and breezing through too many milestones.

His health is great!!! Now that RSV has come and gone I have my happy baby back. Which to me means the world considering his first 5 months of life he was not the happiest of campers. his acid reflux is for the most part gone, on occasion he will spit up. We did do a dairy trial where he spit up a lot and was extremely grumpy for 2 days. I had flash backs of months 0-5 ( can you tell those days were rough.) So a fail for now and we will probably try again at around 10-11 months to see why I need to do about a birthday cake. We have not tried out soy yet, maybe in a month or so.

As for food, RSV set us back a little, but after he liked foods he had never liked! His foods so far are zucchini, mango, applesauce, green beans and sweet potatoes. For snacks he does like the Baby Mum Mums, which I even think are good! Not a huge fan of juice and a lover of our liquid gold Neocate. I'm really hoping we won't have to continue with Neocate junior after a year, but I'm thankful that it is available and I never knew I would love a formula so much.

His schedule is up at 7-7:30 eats oatmeal with fruit and a 7 ounce bottle, 11-11:30 veggies or mum mum (never really that hungry here) and 6 ounce bottle, 3:00 6 ounce bottle, 5-5:30 veggies and oatmeal. 7-7:30 7 ounce bottle and then bedtime. Lately the nights he has been getting pretty tired and sometimes have an even earlier bed time, we base it all off how he is acting.

Sitting is a favorite!! He can sit for so long now even without toys in front of him. We went over to a friends and she has a daughter who is one month older and they just sat there looking at each other and then took each others pacis out. It was so cute to see. He also loves being on his tummy, no crawling yet, but he can spin in circles on it. He also learned he can get places by rolling. He can grab his paci and put it in his mouth, which each time he does it, seems so crazy. I don't know why, but it is adorable.

As for our monthly pictures, this month was a little difficult. He won't lay on his back for anything, so what you see is the best we got. I might try again tomorrow and see if he has calmed down a bit.

Practicing for next month


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm at The Domestic Wannabe today!!!

Today I am over at Ashley's blog The Domestic Wannabe. See our Sunday in her 'day in the life' series.

She has an awesome blog! She is a momma, runner and by the looks of all her food a pretty good chef!!! She is one of my favorites!!!

Check it out!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Fitness Friday

the blessed life

So today is not only Fitness Friday, where I link up with Cait aka my baby sleep guru!! But it is my birthday!!! I can not believe I am 23, I feel no different, but it sounds a lot older.

My fitness this week has been pretty awesome if I say so myself!! We had warm weather for two days which lead to two days of running 4 miles with Vince. I also have done 4 days of CrossFit Mom. Which is honestly kicking my rear, but I can already see more tone and definition in my arms and shoulders!!! If you haven't checked it out yet go to and you do the W.O.D. {Workout of the Day} They are normally really fast and easy and some you can even do at home if you have pull up bar.  One day I had 7 minutes of burpees that totally sucked, but hey a fast 7 minute workout that totally wore me out is perfect sometimes!

I have also changed my eating habits a lot. I learned I was not consuming enough fiber and that is key to weight loss and keeping good health. I read in Runners World Magazine that your meals should be half fruits or veggies and the other half proteins and good whole wheat carbs. I do a lot of repetition in my meals because it is easy and I honestly don't get burned out on them and they are healthy. My "cheat" of the day is a fiber one bar which is 9 grams of fiber so that really helps to add some extra fiber in there.

I am still not weighing myself, but can feel a difference in how my clothes are fitting. But most importantly I feel healthier, which is my main objective. I have come to realize that I am only given this one body and although it looks like I was malled by a small tiger on my belly and I will never have the amazing Victoria Secret model stomach, I will be healthy and those stretch marks will be a memory of the 40 weeks 1 day I carried my beautiful son.

Tonight Jacob and I are going out on a date night!! We haven't since Vince was born so this will be so nice! We are going for sushi and maybe a movie. We wanted to do a dinner with friends, but a lot are sick and some couldn't find babysitters. Then when I thought of a nice romantic night just him and I, that will be amazing! Giving each other all of our attention and being baby free for the evening will be fabulous.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday Randoms

Because I am so far behind in blogging and don't really know where to start since so much is going on, I will just do a random and leave the lack of blogging in the past.

Yesterday we had Vince's follow up for his RSV, she said his lungs sounded great and now he just needs to pass all the congestion. As do I because now I have a minor cold! BOO! His sleep still isn't back to what it used to be, but in time I know it will get back there. He weighed 17lbs 1 ounce which was great because at this last visit he had lost a little weight. 
Loves playing with the paper

Jacob is off work the rest of march. Today is the second day and so far so good. He had a lot of leave built up and is going to Vegas with his brother and friends at the end of March for a last hurrah before he cross trains. And Jacobs brothers girlfriend who has been one of my best friends for almost 9 years is coming to visit!

Him coming home after his last day of work for 29 days

I ordered the Nike Fuelband and it should get here today I am super excited!!! I ran 4 miles yesterday in 45 minutes with Vince. I was very please with my time since I was running up hills and pushing him. I'm hoping to run 20+ miles this week. Last week I got new running shoes and love them!! They are Brooks and they are actually cute!! Which normally my running shoes are never very attractive, but these have to be some of the cutest shoes ever!!!

Yesterday we made a Target trip because I needed to return something and ended up scoring some major deals!!! I got a set of 4 Thomas O'brien plates for $1.86. They were marked as is, but nothing was wrong with them. They box was a little messed up, but the plates are beautiful!!!! I also got a neat basket that looks like a golf ball basket that is lined with canvas for $5 and Vince some new clothes.  I also ordered a new bathing suit on line because Target is having a swimsuit sale. So I bought my first cute one piece. I am sad because there were so many adorable two pieces, but my body isn't where I would like it to be for that just yet. Maybe at the end of summer or next year.

My birthday is Friday and I will be turning 23. We are hoping to go out with some friends for sushi, but with all our babies begin sick it might just be a few friends. All I wanted was the Fuelband and that is what Jacob got me. My parents are going to get me some books that I have been wanting, but this year I have the gift of Vince and a healthy family. Which is big! This past year has been tough for my family and just to know everyone is healthy is a huge gift.

Hope everyone is doing well!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Update on Vince

SO if you follow me on Instagram or twitter, you have seen that Vince has RSV. He doesn't have it bad enough to be in the hospital. We are just doing breathing treatments here. It has been 9 days that he has been sick and needless to say I am ready for it to be OVER!

I hate hearing him cough, our Pediatrician told us it sounds a lot worse than it is, but still very heart breaking. He hates his treatments, but we have found that if you have him watch a cartoon and sit him on your lap facing the tv he cries a little less. His nebulizer is adorable, normally our peds clinic has extra, but there are so many babies on base with RSV that they were all out. So they sent me to a medical supply store to rent one. When I went there they asked if I wanted the dog or the bear nebulizer and I choose the dog. She handed me a box that looked like it had never been opened and I asked 'Ok when do I bring this back?" She told me it was ours to keep. I thought that was neat and that our insurance paid for this $200 dog nebulizer was pretty awesome. We also ordered the Crane Drop Humidifier. And we used it last night and so far I love it!!!! When Vince woke up he had curly hair, it was adorable!!

Well I hope everyone is doing well and I promise I will get back to blogging here soon!!!

Watching cartoons

Isn't it adorable!

We got orange for what his new room will look like.


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