Thursday, June 28, 2012

thinking, thinking, thinking

The more I stay home with Vince, the more I miss adult social interaction. Now I know this can be done in play dates and things like that, but sometimes I miss working. Being baby free all day, sometimes sounds so nice. And although I do miss working in a salon, the hours just aren't what I am looking for either. I don't want to work nights and on Saturdays, when I can be with my family.

The thought of going back to school, has been crossing my mind quite a bit. I try to think of things I would enjoy doing and things that would work best for the family.

Right now I have two things that keep popping up, Elementary Education or Marketing. Education sounds fun to me because any where we go, I can find a job. Also the fact that I would get summers off and have about the same hours as Vince would, seem to keep it in my top two as well. I also think my love of crafting would fit perfect with kindergarden through second grade. I would mostly want to work 1st grade and not really go any higher.

Marketing has always been an interest in mine. In high school I did two years of marketing and was in DECA for a short bit as well. I love that it would challenge me mentally, but I would still get to use some creative juices. A con to this is your normally have to work your way up in a marketing firm and since Jacob is military, the hopes of staying somewhere long enough for that to actually work, are slim to none. 

These ideas are all being thrown around and maybe by the new year I will have made up my mind. I love staying home with Vince, but do hope to get him into a Montessori School when he turns two, or even before. I want him to start learning and having time to himself as well outside of the house. I also love the fact that the military will help pay for all this, it seems silly to be wasting it since they are willing to foot the bill.

We will see where all this thinking takes me in the next half of the year, who knows my ideas might change or I could get so compelled to start come August I could be a college girl!! I'm not putting any time frames or pressure on myself, I really want to love going back to school and be excited for it. I think here soon I will head to the education office here on base and look at my options.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday Catch Up!!

This week has flown by so quickly, I can't believe it is already half way over!!

During the weekend we relaxed quite a bit, but did have some fun things to attend.

Friday night we went to a friends house to celebrate her husband making his next rank. It was a lot of fun, and we learned that Vince is also scared of cats, so now the scared list goes, small dogs and cats. Yet he can see a great dane and be completely friendly with it.

Saturday I did an intense workout session, I was so smoked afterwards!! But to see my arms looking that defined I was shocked. I am so proud of myself for sticking with working out as hard as I have been. I am now back to pre Vince weight and I feel great!!

That night we got invited to a good friend of ours surprise birthday party! It was so much fun! She was shocked and we haven't seen them in a while so it was nice. They have a little boy who is 6 weeks younger than Vince and another friend of ours have a 15 month old. Its so amazing to see these 3 grown up together, Vince met Christian (15 month old) when he was a week old and then met Ethan when he was in the hospital. All the pictures from that night look like the boys are up to no good, planning and scheming what they will do next!

Sunday we relaxed and went to the pool. Vince has become such a little water baby, I love it!! He doesn't mind being in his float, but also loves when you take him out and let him "swim." Jacob also went with us and it was such a great time!!

The rest of sunday we just spent cleaning and lounging. I am currently reading Bringing Up Bebe and I love it. It will be a whole separate blog post here, it is amazing!

Monday came too quickly as always and was the beginning of trying to set a schedule for Vince that works for everyone. We are still having sleep problems at night and are hoping that setting a schedule might help out. Monday went well, until bedtime. I think we prolonged it a little to late and he didn't even eat much of his dinner. And that night he was up about every 30-45 minutes, which made for a very tried momma yesterday.

Tuesday I decided that I needed a cheat day from eating paleo/healthy. Vince and I went out for brunch where I ordered a bagel, blueberry pancakes (from the children's menu) and toast.  Vince wasn't interested in the pancakes. I was going to see if even baked dairy would cause a reaction, but he did eat toast and seemed fine the rest of the day. He was so well behaved at brunch, it was amazing. We sat at sound in order to give him a lot of things to look at. It was also pretty nice out and a slight breeze. This was also the first time just Vince and I have gone to eat, I was a touch nervous at first, but once we sat down it was really nice. We will be doing them more often!

This morning I woke up with a killer headache, probably because of all the grain and junk I ate yesterday.This has been my first migraine in 27 days! And it finally starting to go away! Vince is currently napping away, and we plan on going to the park when he wakes up for some exploring time.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our Fathers Day

Jacob's mom came out to spend Fathers day with us and we had such a good time while she was here. She has never come out to visit us, so it was a treat. She got in on Thursday night and left last night, we relaxed for the most part, but had a blast with Vince and even went to the Aquarium and Botanical Gardens, where we finally got some good pictures of Jacob, Vince and I.

We definitely didn't eat paleo, which my body is feeling like crap over. This week will be paleo all week to feel better.

On actual Fathers Day we relaxed in the morning, I made homemade pancakes which were amazing!! Then relaxed and went to the outdoor mall here and enjoyed some California pizza kitchen {YUM!!}  Then came home and relaxed the rest of the day.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Prayers Please

So Vince has dealt with severe constipation since he was about 5 months old and it has gotten to a point where Mirolax isn't working anymore and I actually had to give him an enema yesterday. We give him prunes, apples and pears to help ease it, but it doesn't help. He won't drink juice or water so we are kind of at a loss of ideas.

Yesterday I called his GI doctor to see what we do next. They scheduled him a X-ray, blood work and a barium enema. The blood work and X-ray are this morning and barium enema tomorrow. Of course I went to google and got extremely freaked out. I know that these tests will help to make sure that everything is looking good down there.

So I ask for your prayers and thoughts at this time. I feel so badly for him because he seems very uncomfortable most of the time. I will keep everyone updated on any results we do get. Thank you.

Monday, June 11, 2012

2 year wedding anniversary

As I lay here next to Jacob the eve before our two year anniversary, I think about how amazing these years have been. From moving to a new state, making the house our home, getting Champ, finding out we were expecting, vacations, having Vincent, watching him grow and Jacob reading him a book tonight as I gave him his bottle.

It's sometimes the little things that really make you fall deeper in love. Tonight as I sat and listened to Jacob reading Yerytle the Turtle I couldn't help but hold back tears of pure love. This amazing man I married two years ago is the most amazing husband, father and best friend I have ever had.

We have learned so many new things these two years and had a blast doing all of them. We have become a great working team which is important to us. We have both welcomed Vincent into our lives and loved him to the moon and back. We have gone new places, tried new things, compromised even when we both didn't want to and still made it here happy and more in love than ever.

Marriage is tough in a good way, you really have to become unselfish and understand that you are now a team and have to work together to make it through each day.

I am blessed to have Jacob, he sacrifices so much for us. I am lucky enough to be able to stay home with Vince with no complaints, he is out working. He loves Vince and I so much and brings a smile to my face daily. We are truly best friends and he is my other half.

I couldn't be an prouder of what Jacob has accomplished these two years as well. Growing in his military career and soon to hopefully begin a new chapter in his military career, he is giving it his 100% and moving towards bigger and better things.

I can't wait to keep spending June 11th knowing that I married Jacob and see how our family grows year by year. I hope that every year we can cherish the time we had together and smile about great times. I know some will probably spent apart, but we will still remember that this was the day we began our family.

So sleeping husband next to me wearing a sleep mask, I love you and I am in love with you. I am so lucky to call you mine and can't wait for the years to come.

I wrote that all last night in preps for today. Jacob truly is amazing and I can't imagine it being any better here.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

9 Months Old!

Again super later considering that he turns 10 months in 9 days, but hey!

At nine months Vince caught some sort of bug which set us back again in weight. He was weighing about 18lbs 10oz, but when we took him after his week of throwing up he had lost 10 oz. He is 29 inches, but seems to be a long skinny little guy!! The doctor said he will probably have a growth spurt here soon in height since he has stayed the same for a while.

He is crawling everywhere!! It started as an army crawl and now has it down pretty well.

He is starting to eat more foods which is awesome, because for a while I thought he was only going to eat apples and zucchini. His G.I. Doctor just told us to keep giving him new things and he will learn to like it, and he so did!! We tried a milk based formula again and it failed, soy seems to be going ok. He is eating an organic soy formula that is for toddlers. Still frequently getting backed up so it might be changed back.

Sleeping still isn't going to great, he is waking during the night, which our doctor told us was habit, but I can't break it somehow. He can put himself to sleep during the day and for bed just fine, but once 1:30 rolls around he can't. I'm one tired momma!!

Well for his 10 month post I would love for it to be on time, we will see!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

the time Vince met his second great grandma

I will start you with this photo.

Pretty much sums up the entire visit, notice his shirt also says 'Crabby but cute.' Man he was having a rough day!! 

Jacobs Dad and Step Mom called and asked if it was ok to come out and to bring Vinces Great Grandma who is from Alabama, but who visiting Arizona. Of course I said yes!! I was so excited!! I want Vince to meet as much family as possible, and he already got to meet one great grandma. They got here in the afternoon and we had a little BBQ. Once we got to eating Vince cheered up a tad, but once it came to pictures, normally his favorite thing, he wasn't having it.

The next morning we went out for a nice brunch and he was much happier!! There trip was short and sweet! It was so nice to see them.

We also had my aunt and uncle drive through and stay the night the day before. I managed to not get any pictures, which I am bummed about. They had a blast with Vince, and Jacob and I got to go out for a date night. We went to dinner, fro-yo, and a movie. Sometimes I forget how nice it is to get out on our own and spend some baby free time. 

Did I also mention that this Monday will be Jacob and mine 2nd wedding anniversary!! I can't believe that it has been two amazing years!! I will blog more on that later!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Paleo: Day 7

I can't believe that I have made it to day seven. I never thought I would have this much self control, and still eat amazing delicious food.

A little recap, if you have been reading for a while you know that I love me some CrossFit!! I started when Vince in my belly with some WODs then continued after he was born. Now I do this at my normal gym, right now going to a real box (what CrossFitters call CF gym) would be awesome, but they are crazy expensive and on the complete other side of town. So I do it on my own, which sometime I know I am not pushing myself as hard as I would there, but I am doing it!! A lot of athletes that do CrossFit eat Paleo. Paleo pretty much is eating primal, or like cavemen ate. So no proceed foods, like dairy, breads. pastas and so on. Also you can't eat soy, corn, wheat, oats, sugar and beans. Sorry such a crappy description, but if you Google Paleo you will find a ton of information! Well I was getting tired of how I wasn't losing weight like I wanted and knew that there had to be a change in my diet. So on June 1st Jacob and I decided to go Paleo.

My before picture. I am pretty proud of this body already, but can't wait to see it get even better!!

We sat down for a couple hours one night and made a list of meals that looked like we would enjoy, and an extensive grocery list. And away we went, and so far it has been great!!! We took all of the things that we could no longer eat out of the house, just for the sake that I have little self control and if I saw a tortilla and some cheese laying around, you better believe I was going to make a quesadilla!!

If you follow me on Pinterest, you will see I have been pinning quite a few Paleo recipes. Some I have already tired and some I am waiting to try. One of my favorites so far is from Jill Hanner, they are chocolate protein pancakes. They are amazing and you can go here to find the recipe. Other than that breakfast has been mostly eggs, scrambled with onions and garlic and the occasional spinach or squash. Then some fruit and tons of water. For snacks I eat almonds or fruit, or even some veggies. Lunches are normally a salad with a nice size portion of meat, this week we had lamb, grass fed beef and turkey and chicken. I like to top those with avocado for another little boost of vitamins! Dinners have been amazing as well, we had lettuce wrap tacos, BBQ chicken, chili and coconut bacon wrapped chicken. They have all been great so far!

Can you believe these are paleo???

One of the best things about these 7 days is I have been headache free! Now I am someone who gets terrible headaches 4-5 times a week. Where the light hurts my eyes, sounds bothers me and all I want to do is crawl in bed with a sleep mask. And I haven't had one this entire time. I have also lost 2 pounds, but look more toned and not bloated even at the end of the day.

I am aiming at doing strict paleo for 30 days, I heard the first week is hard, but then gets easier!! I will keep posting about this because I really do feel amazing!! Haven't had a stomach ache, feel a lot more awake and seem to be happier!!

If you have any advice or recipes you would like to share or questions (I will try my best to answer) let me know!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Why I love living on a military base.

I get asked a lot if I like living on base, people wonder if there are different rules we have to go by, or if our house is nice.

Granted I know that all bases really are so different, I happen to love living on base here in Albuquerque. We lucked out and got a 3 bedroom house when it was just the two of us, and before Vince was born his room had nothing inside it. Our house is about 1250 square feet and although it is a town house, we NEVER hear our neighbors and they have a newborn and a 3 year old. Also I might add they have never heard Vince, even in his days where all he did at night was cry. I was always worried they would think we were over here beating him or something. We also got lucky that I got to choose which house we moved into. They sent me a map along with addresses and I picked the house that had no one behind it and no one is really that close next to us. Some peoples houses are right on top of each other with people behind them as well.

And those neighbors I mentioned earlier are amazing. They are so welcoming and lately we have gotten a lot closer to them. They are moving in August and it will be sad to say goodbye!! You also know you have great neighbors when she asks you to run into their house and make sure there oven is off!! It was, but knowing you can trust a family that much is awesome!!

This weekend was their daughters baptism and after was a BBQ. We didn't make it to the baptism due to my poor timing of the day, and Vince had a tiny meltdown (his top tooth finally popped through and now we are waiting on the second.) But we did make it to the BBQ, which was actually a Cul de sac party. It was so neat! They had it coned off so no cars could come through so the kids could play and drive their power cars everywhere. They also had a face painter and tons of food!! There were close to 25 people there and everyone had kids or expecting which made it a good time.

I'm so thankful we have such good friends and a great neighborhood that we get to experience these things! I hope we are just as lucky at future bases!!


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