Friday, August 31, 2012

Fitness Friday!!

Friday Again! I can't believe it is already the end of the week! And almost a long weekend for most, except my husband who has weekend duty, but he then gets Thursday and Friday off and leaves for Florida for a week on Sunday. 

I hope these posts don't get repetitive, because sometimes I feel like they do. Pleas feel free on giving me any tips to make this post a better read! Honestly I mostly do it for myself to look back on and see times and such. 

7 front squats with 85lbs
7 single arm kettle bell swings with a 30lb kettle bell
7 24" box jumps

5 sets and I didn't time myself on this one.

An old buff lady at my gym came up to me and said I had amazing jumps! I was feeling pretty blah about my workout and that totally lifted me up! 

The Color Run and if you missed the post here it is!

I know I worked out, but I honestly can't remember what I did!! And it is annoying me! 

25 Walking lunge steps
20 Pull-ups with 40lbs assistance
50 Box jumps, 20 inch box
20 Double-unders
25 Dips with 30lbs assistance
20 Knees to elbows
30 Kettlebell swings with 40lb kettle bell
30 Sit-ups
20 Hang squat cleans, 25 pound dumbbells
25 Back extensions
30 Wall ball shots, 11 pound ball
30 handstand pushups

Rest Day

3x12 bicep curls with 22.5lb dumbbells 
3x12 overhead press with 17.5 dumbbells
3x12 lateral raises with 12.5lb dumbbells
3x12 front raises with 12.5lb dumbbells

Tabata sprints

Had to cut this workout short, because Vince was getting fussy in Kids Club and I had a headache. 


5 wall balls with 11lb ball
3 hand stand push ups
1 power clean with 75lbs

30 sets in 34:18

After 10 sets of this, my back and shoulders were on fire. I really wanted to finish this WOD because it was a hero WOD and they are my favorite because of what they stand for. 75lbs is the highest I have ever done a power clean and it felt great. Next week I am going to challenge myself to see how heavy I can go. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I must confess

Remember this post? Two days ago when I told you guys that I had an addiction with Target and how I was going to take a week off.

Well I failed at that, not even two hours after that post was published, I was at Target.

Now let me tell you about my day. Vince didn't want to nap. The longest I would get is 20 minutes. Then my super pregnant friend text me seeing what we were up too and told me she needed to go to Target. There is was starring me in the eye, the six letter word I had been trying to avoid. How could I tell my pregnant friend who is 39 weeks today that I didn't want to go with her. 

Well I couldn't. I gave in and we went. It was a horrible trip mind you. Vince didn't want to ride in the cart and since I was really limiting myself to not go down the clearance isles, I didn't have fun. 

On a plus side, I didn't get Starbucks! Which is huge for me! I only stuck to getting Vince some new plates and bowls. I also got some ingredients to make some cake pops too! Nothing was clearance and it wasn't anything I didn't need.

I had to share this because of all the comments I got making me feel less alone in my love of Target. 

And I know you will all get a laugh out of it!

First Boo Boo

Well maybe not his first boo boo, because there has been a few minor ones before this, but this one was his first big, bloody, even making momma cry boo boo.

Last night we were doing our same nightly routine, which included Jacob getting Vince ready for his bath and me getting his pjs ready in his room. Vince likes to be in the bath as the water is filling up, he thinks it's fun. So he was in the bath and for the last couple months he loves to stand, which have always been ok. He normally never falls and we are keep a close eye on him. Well last night he stood up and his foot must have been on a toy, because he slipped and banged his eye on a beach bucket that was in the bath tub. I never saw the bucket as a hazard, but it has already been thrown away.

Once I heard the loud fall, I yelled to Jacob and asked him what had happened, he replied that he fell, but I came running in anyways. As soon and I walked in, I saw Vince starting to bleed. I yelled at Jacob that he was bleeding and I began to look my shit {sorry the language.} I was far away and couldn't tell if it was coming from his eye ball or above his eye, all I saw was my baby with blood coming down his face. And since he was wet, it made it look even worse.

Jacob was extremely calm about it and picked him up out of the bath and took him in his room and put a wash cloth on it to get it to stop bleeding. Of course Vince was crying and screaming and I was still freaking out. I ran downstairs and got a cold chew toy we keep in the fridge. He wouldn't let us put it on his eye though. We ended up having to put a bandaid on it, because we didn't want him to split it back open during the middle of the night.

Once we all got over the shock, he was right back to dancing and laughing and his normal self. I still felt horrible, as if we failed and that my 12 month old shouldn't be bleeding. Jacob felt bad, but also said this won't be the first time. This coming from the guy who as a child super glued his eye together!

It didn't affect his sleep much, he woke up once and I gave him milk since after this whole fiasco he didn't want drink any milk.

This morning he has been great! Acting normal and his normal self, only with a giant purple eye. And of course we had to go his GI doctor today for a weight check up. I feel like everyone that I walked by at the hospital was judging me and I hated it.

He gained a couple ounces, but not enough for them. They want us to switch again to Pediasure, which for his first bottle he wouldn't even drink. So this might be tough!

All in all, I still feel bad. I know it was an accident, but seeing Vincent with a black eye makes me sad. I have never even had a black eye. I know it will go away and I won't receive the crazy looks, but in the mean time, we will be at home.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Let me tell you about my addiction...

To Target that is. 

Now I know most of you out there can relate to me on this one. Minus Tami because she is living overseas and I cant imagine that one day that will be us, living where there isn't a Target. I don't know what I will do. 

Any who my love for Target is getting worse every month. I used to go maybe once every two weeks, and I would always have a list of things I needed. Then it moved to once a week and sometimes I didn't need anything. Well ladies and gentlemen, last week I went 4 times!

Why in heavens earth would I need to go to Target 4 times!! I have been pondering this question since my last trip last Friday.

Now let me tell you, I don't grocery shop at Target. I know some do, but we don't only because we get such great deals on base. And our Target doesn't have a full grocery. I will buy snacks from time to time and maybe a few things for dinner, if I have forgotten them on our normal trip, but that's it. So that can't be my excuse.

My two main reasons I go to Target are Starbucks and the clearance back isles. I normally rotate between three Targets {ridiculous I know!} But I like each one for something different. 

The closest one is the one I normally go to if I need something. I am not a huge fan of the baristas there, so I almost dread going to there Starbucks. But I do find great clearance  items a lot. And to me if it is 70%, I need it in some shape our way.

The kind of far, but not too bad one is my favorite. The baristas at Starbucks are so nice, remember what I drink and love Vince. It is normally filled with moms, just like me using it as an excuse to get out of the house. 

The far one normally has the best sales! But it is really far and will only go if I am going to somewhere near there. 

Some days I think what could make Target better, which really means 'What could make me come to Target more?' Well a play area, I mean so many mothers of young children are always there, doing the same thing I am {at least I hope I am not alone.} I would so go to play dates at Target!

So after reflecting on this addiction of mine. I have decided to take a break from Target. I haven't gone since last Friday and I am going to try and make it as long as I can. A week is my main goal. I don't need anything at Target and even if it is $2.98, I just don't need it!

Also taking a break from all Starbucks, which is tough because I love green tea, but I can make the exact stuff at my house!

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Color Run!

Was A Blast!

I was so excited the night before that I could barely sleep! I even tried on my outfit the night before, just to ensure that it looked amazing! Which it did!

The morning of my team mates came to my house with orange juice and champagne in hand! And well of course we mixed up some mimosas in our water bottles. Of course our driver waited until we got to the race, but I started drinking as soon as I could!

By the time we got down to the event, there were so many people. We were there 30 minutes before the race began and we were a good 400 yards away from the start. They let chunks of people start to run every 10 minutes and people were already finishing before we were even 100 yards away. I was surprised that people actually came to the race, to race. As odd as it seems, they didn't even time people. Why go out and finish as fast as you could? I ran the entire thing, but slow. Going through color check points I would sometimes walk, or jog really slow.

Now lets talk about color placement. I wanted to be full of color, but not so much that it all combined and made a gross brown, which I saw some of the "racers" that passed us look like. Each check point I would switch sides and try to get a good coat of every color. The finial color was a burnt orange, almost adobe looking. I knew this is why people were looking brown and not the vibrant yellows, pinks and blues. I decided to run right down the middle and not near the volunteers who were spraying the powder. And it worked!!

Even in the final color thrown at the end my colors all over me stayed bright and for the most part not combined!!

I'm pretty sure it is still coming out of my nose and I have a pink stripe in my hair that I couldn't get out. For some reason it stained my arm pits, which makes me laugh every time I see them. 

I am so glad that I had the LifeProof case, if I didn't, I would have had to have my phone in a zip lock which I saw a few people do. I was able to take over 200 pictures and a video during the giant color throw. My shoulders are sore now because of holding my glass water bottle and my phone up the whole time. Then I was running off my mimosa fuel and couldn't feel a thing.We finished in 37 minutes according to my own watch, which isn't bad for being slightly intoxicated!

All in all if I ever get the opportunity to run this race again I will!! It was so much fun! I also think it is a great race for any age range and physical level. As long as you can walk 3 miles you are good. I saw a husband pushing his wife in a wheel chair. A lot of babies and kids in strollers and even a dad carrying his son on his shoulders. 

Friday, August 24, 2012


I have thought about blogging this for a while, but didn't know where to start. I don't want to come off as the mom who complains, because I am not. I just want to try to find a way to fix it. I am sure Vince doesn't enjoy having these meltdowns and much as we don't either. 

Vince for the last 3 months has had quite a temper about bedtime. He is fine and happy in the bath, but as soon as we get into his room and try to put his diapers and jammies on, he flips. He tries to crawl away, he screams, he cries, he does anything not to get a diaper on and squirms all around making it nearly impossible to get jammies on. 

We have tried a number of things. Giving him his bottle which changing him to help relax him, which used to work, not so much anymore. Then I tried reading to him while Jacob got him dressed, which worked a third of the time. Then we would give him the book and see if that would distract him and again about a third of the time it would. 

Now nothing seems to work at all. And he doesn't want to drink any milk before bed. Which isn't good for us because he needs all the calories he can get. We have started to give him his bed time milk now at dinner and he drinks half of it, sometimes less.

Also getting in the car seat is now an issue. He will arch his back and try to turn his way out of the seat, making it extremely difficult to get him buckled. 

Now all you mommas out there, help me. I don't like to see my baby so unhappy like this. I know he is crying because he doesn't know how to communicate any other way, but I would love to try some new things to maybe make bedtime and getting him in his car seat a little more enjoyable for all of us. 

Any advice you have would be amazing. And again don't take this as me complaining because I am not. I understand that babies and toddlers do have temper tantrums and cry, but if I can try to avoid them every night that would be amazing!

Fitness Friday

I'm back!!

After being in Tucson for so long and not getting all the workouts in that I wanted and treating my stomach like it was a grungy dumpster, I was shocked when I got home and got on the scale. I only gained 2 pounds and besides a little extra belly flub I can't see any loose of muscle.

So here is once I did once I got back!

3X10 Bench press
10 push ups in between

Cable flies set at 30lbs

Incline bench press 3X10

I rarely do chest days, but I worked out with Jacob that day and that is solely what we trained. I haven't done bench press in a long time and was shocked that I did 95lbs with no help! My chest is still a tad sore though!

5 rounds for time
5 Deadlifts at 95lbs
10 burpess

8 minutes 27 seconds

3x3 deadlifts with 105lbs

2x2  deadlifts with 115lbs

2x2 deadlifts 125lbs

3x6 Sumo deadlift high pulls with 76lb kettle bell
3x6 single arm clean and jerk with 35lb kettle bell

15 reps bicep curls with 25lb dumbbells

This workout was awesome. The deadlifts followed by burpees totally smoke your legs. My other deadlifts I could have gone heavier on and I am bummed I didn't. But I had lug all the weights and bar to another part of the gym because there wasn't a squat rack open or any free space. 

Rest Day


45lbs push press 10 reps
65lbs push press 3 reps
80lbs push press 3 reps
85lbs push press 3 reps
90 push press 2 reps

2X4 overhead squat with 45lbs

4x5 snatches with 45lbs

This workout was mainly a strength building workout for me. The gym was empty because I got to go super late which meant that I had mirrors all around me to check form. Also I get less nervous to do things I am not completely comfortable with and this was the first time I have ever snatched the bar. I have tried before and I was also too scared, but I finally got it! And felt like I could have gone heavier. My overhead squats are also getting better too, I still need to work on my shoulder flexibility so I keep the weight at just the bar for now. So even though I didn't leave the gym sweating like a pig like I normally do, I left feeling extremely accomplished, which to me is even better!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday Randoms

Where has this week gone?? I can't believe that it is Thursday, I am a day behind in my mind and have been all week!

Saturday is The Color Run and I can't be any more excited! I haven't ran more than a mile in probably 2 months so this should be fun. Thankfully The Color Run is more of a fun run, than a run where your time matters. I get to go pick up my shirt today and wondering how I should cut it! My team is wearing tutu's so a fun shirt is a must!

I still haven't finished unpacking which is driving me up the wall, I guess I could be doing that instead of blogging, but Vince is napping and my house is silent and I am taking full advantage!

The weather is getting a tad cooler over here and I honestly don't know how I feel about it. I am not excited for how cold it gets here and I know that it isn't even that bad, but being from Arizona the winters here are rough!

Jacob leaves in a couple weeks for his selection again. Praying that he gets picked up this time around. I am confident that he will!

If in fact he does get picked up I may or may not move to Arizona. We have always said I would and that has always been the plan, but now we just done know. We are pretty settled here and to move everything to AZ, then have to move it back to NM for the movers to move it to FL seems like a lot of work. But I know going back to AZ would open more opportunity for Vince and I. I would enroll him in a Montessori School and I would work. We would have family to help us out and be around. Which to me makes it all worth the pain of moving. We will see what we decide here soon.

I got my hair cut again! And love it even shorter now! Only thing is my natural curl at this length isn't pretty so I might get a keratin treatment so it is easier to manage.

the second cake smash

Or really lack thereof. Again Vince had little interest in his cake. He did seem to taste a little bit more of the frosting, but the cake itself, no way.

I did make the cake a tad bit different this time for a couple reasons. One because the time before I used a normal cake mix, which had eggs in it and in the hopes of him actually eating it, I didn't want his stomach to hurt from it. Another because I simply ran out of time and didn't have the time or patience to frost it the way I did in this post. But I did like the way this one turned out as well. Too bad Vince didn't!

Over it!

And that is all he wanted!

This is the last of the photo dumps until I do his actual 1st birthday photo shoot this week. I am so sad that the birthday party series has come to an end. I even caught myself looking for grey and orange things yesterday at Target. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Party Time!

I will leave you with mainly pictures on this one! Get ready for a giant photo dump!

We had so much fun at Vince's party surrounded my friends and family. I got to see a lot of our friends that I might have not seen due to our busy schedules. And of course all of our amazing family who we are so lucky for!

We got a caricature artist and he was amazing!! 

Seriously how cute was his outfit!

  Vince with Grandpa eating some Eegee's

We also had this fun area for all the tots to play in!

opening presents with daddy

Vincey with Nana {Jacob's Mom}

Her seat for the party!

Sorry for the overload in photos, but I couldn't resist! Tomorrow will be all about the second cake smash!!


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