Friday, September 28, 2012

I Got The Job!!

Thanks everyone for your kind wished about my interview I had on Monday!

Yesterday I got the call saying I got the job! I am very excited, and nervous at the same time. It is a full time job and I will have to leave Vince. But I know it is what is best for our family right now and we will make it work!

In other exciting news, we got a new car!! Since we moved here we have always shared our car. We always thought that Jacob would be leaving soon, which would leave me with two cars to manage the year he was gone. So we always stuck to one. It did have its bad days, but also we managed to get things done together and we would work it into our schedule. Anything we really need is on base and a short walk away, so we never had too many problems. But now that he is here for a while and I got a job we figured it was time to get another. We had been looking for a while and had it narrowed down to a Jetta or a Kia Soul.

We ended up with the Jetta, which was my first car ever  as well. I love it so far!! Yesterday was a great day!!

I don't start work until the 15th, so we have a couple weeks to figure out where Vince will go and test it out a bit! So keep us in your thoughts! And thanks again!!!

Official One Year Photos!

Vince is now 13 months old and blowing milestones out of the water! I was so excited to take his official 1 year photos, but if you remember Vince got his first boo boo shortly after we came home from Tucson after his party. I didnt really want to capture these photos with a black eye. I even bought a great frame a couple months ago, with all thought of have the perfect picture, sans black eye for sure!

I also knew that I wanted to use to metal push car, since it has the number 1 all over it. And I think waiting the month also gave Vince the added confidence with standing and holding onto the car.

I am in love with how these photos turned out!! Tell me what you think!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My baby is walking!


I guess I can no longer call him my baby, even though I always will.

On Tuesday we were playing with Vince on the floor and working on his walking. He has take a couple steps before, but we didn't count it. He stood there and took 5 steps, then kept doing it!! Yesterday he kept taking more and more steps as well. Along with learning to climb on the ottoman.

Such an amazing and fun milestone. I am so excited for him. Once he gets a little better we will go on adventure walks, something I have been looking forward to for a while!!

This is also a blog milestone post! This is my 200th post! For blogging for over 2 years, these numbers aren't impressive, but a step!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Nice little break

I took a couple weeks off for a couple reasons, during the week Jacob was gone, Vince and  I stayed really busy. We did a lot of fun things that I hope I will catch up on. 

Then took another week because unfortunately Jacob did not get selected for the job he wanted. They told him he was too smart and too nice. Needless to say he wasn't too happy with that. But then it brought on 'Where do we go next?' Jacob has to switch jobs, because his job is too overmanned.  He has a couple ideas and we are hoping we will know more here in the next couple weeks. 

With all that, we will be staying here for a little while longer, and since we moved here, over 2 years ago we have always thought we were going to leave shortly after we got here. But typical military, you can't really every plan anything. We have now decided to move to a different part of base. It is older and the houses are older, but they are single story and we both really like there layouts. They also have bigger back yards and we will be able to upgrade from a 3 bedroom to a 4 bedroom, which will be our gym. Yey! No more treadmill in the dining room!!

I also started looking into working again. I never renewed my  cosmetology license for New Mexico because, I just didn't think we would be here for me to use it, so I just kept my Arizona one going. Although I don't even know if right now I would even want to do hair. To build a clientele is hard and requires a schedule of evenings and weekends, which right now, that is my time with the family. 

When I first moved here and my license wasn't switched over yet, I worked at a bank and I liked it. It wasn't the best job ever, but I did have fun and I was pretty good at it. 

So this morning I have an interview at another bank! My old co-worker works there and says she likes it a lot better than Wells Fargo. Which makes me hopeful. I like the hours of the bank and the pay isn't half bad.  It will be nice to be around people and working in a customer service environment is just my thing!

So wish me luck!!

I will try and fill you all in with all the fun things we have been up too these last two weeks! I miss you guys!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

just the two of us

Until Friday that is. Jacob left yesterday morning. If you remember this post when he left last time, you know how hard and important this week is for us.

We talked on the phone for the last time last night and he seems so ready. This week will challenge him again physically and mentally. But he is such a strong amazing person. This week there is no contact, until Friday after he finds out if he gets selected. That day will be a long anxious day for me!  I might just look like a crazy person waiting for my phone to ring!

We miss him, but we support him. Which is more important, he is doing this for us and we love him to the moon and back.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Fitness Friday

If you read this post, you already know about a little of my workouts this week. Thankfully I took another day off, to clear my head and came back yesterday for an intense workout and am back to feeling good!

This week I did I forced myself, with the help of Jacob to work on some things I don't like doing. Which this might shock you, but it is running. There are times in my life that I love running, others I cant stand it. So this week I had 2 running WODs, which definitely kick my bum!

3 X 800 meter runs with 2 minutes rest in between 
Our gym was closed so I had to run on the outdoor track. It was 90 degrees out and a hot wind, so it sucked. My times were okay, but nothing to brag about so I won't. Not that any of this is bragging, but I am not proud of the time. 

Saturday & Sunday:
Rest Days
Jacob worked 12 hours both days and I wasn't in the mood to do an at home work out. 

Worked on cleans for an hour. Started low and worked up to 80lbs. I did want to get to at least 85lbs, but the guy next to me kept throwing me off.

100 thrusters for time
I started with 55lbs and after 65 I moved to 45lbs and did 10 more. Then I did the final 25 with 45lbs and did shoulder press.My wrists gave out before me, which I need to look into strengthening them. I have baby wrists, I might even get wraps for them. 

Rest Day

3 rounds for time
400m run
21 kettle bell swings with a 20kg kettle bell 
12 pull ups with 50lbs assistance

I did it in 26 minutes, and that counts the time I had to walk around the gym, since I don't work out at a box. I also ended up ripping my hand for the first time. Didn't hurt at the time, but as soon as I washed it boy did it burn! Today it hurts pretty bad too. I might have to wear my gloves for a couple days.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!!! Jacob leaves Sunday so I will me MIA for the weekend spending time with him. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday Randoms

Vince had his 12 month well baby check up yesterday and it went great. He is now 20 pounds 6 ounces! Which means he has gained over a pound in less than a month! This momma was one happy camper! His pediatrician seemed just as thrilled as I was, she even asked about his sleep and I was also equally as excited to report to her that, that was going great as well. We haven't had many good doctor appointments, where we aren't concerned about something, so this was a relief!

More about Vince, he is starting to want to walk more and more. He will walk now holding our hands or using his push walker. But yesterday he was standing and took one step then reached out to the couch and took the rest of the steps. In as little as a week he went from not wanting to walk at all, to taking once step! I am going to have him running here soon!!

Football season has begun and of course Jacob's favorite team The Cowboy's played last night. I had to keep telling him to not yell. Last time at this year Vince would sleep through anything. Literally once we banged pots and pans together and the boy stayed asleep. This year, not so much. He sleeps through  quite a bit of noises, but random yells here and there, I don't know. 

One of my best friends here had her baby girl yesterday morning. So last night once Jacob got home, I went to visit her. Her daughter is such an adorable newborn. She is also so little, I can't believe that once Vince was that small. I haven't held a newborn in a while and it made me miss those first couple days of mommy hood. My friend is already such a great momma and I am so lucky that I got to go visit. 

Jacob leaves Sunday and the no contact begins Monday until Friday. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. Since he has gone through it all before he knows what to expect, but still the anxiety of it still hard. Keep us in your prayers!

I had my first ever pumpkin spice latte. I should also mention this was the first coffee I have ever ordered. I am not a coffee fan, but love pumpkin. I wasn't a fan, but maybe it will take time. I think for now I will stick to my Green Tea. 

Speaking of fall, I have been warming my Scentsy fall scents and I am in love. My current favorite it Hazelnut Latte and the September scent of the month Apple Pear Crisp is also amazing! I have an awesome Scentsy consultant, so if you need one, please ask me!!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

in a rut!

And I am not happy about it. 

The past two days at the gym, I have for lack of better terms, sucked. Well in my opinion at least.

Yesterday my goal was to get my power cleans heavier. I went in the gym, I was pumped up off my green tea, I had my awesome headband, which at first I thought I looked like a tool, then I embraced it and think it might be my new go-to for the gym hair. Got to the bar and suddenly started second guessing myself. 

I did a couple practice reps and they were easy so I upped it to 65 lbs and did 5 and they were moderately difficult, added another 10lbs and they were difficult, but I could do 2 at a time. Then went to add another 10lbs and I couldn't do it. Then this guy on the squat rack next to me thought I wanted his coaching,which I do understand, he was trying to help, but he got in my head even worse!
Look at my sweet headband placement! I did my Keratin and cant wear a pony tail for a couple days.

I took off the additional 10lbs and just tried for 80lbs, again couldn't do it and again unwanted help from the dude next to me. Which also meant I had to take my headphones out and listen to him. 

I suddenly felt defeated. I didn't feel strong and honestly just wanted to walk away and not even unrack all my weight. But I didn't, I lowered my weight and kept at it. The guy next to me would stop what he was doing every time to watch me and tell me what he thought I was doing wrong. Then I took off all my weights and walked away. 

I walked away angry at myself, but tried to push blame on the guy next to me. I let him get into my head and let myself get into my head that I couldn't do it. 

Today wasn't any better. The WOD was 100 thrusters for time. I thought I would kill it and do it in under 20 minutes. I only did 55lbs and went in thinking I would do sets of 10. I keep my form almost perfect, maybe sometimes dropping my elbows. I would have loved to go to 65lbs, but I talked myself out of it. I did two sets of 10 reps and my wrists were on fire. They were the only thing that hurt. Then I had to drop it down to 5 reps and in between each 5 I would try and stretch them out, but they were throbbing. I only made it 65 reps in 14 minutes and decided to drop my weight down to only the bar. This still hurt my wrists and I ended up making it to 75 and doing the final 25 reps with shoulder press. 

Again angry at myself and my wrists. I think I need to invest in wrist wraps. My wrists are really little, only measuring at about 6 inches around and I need to look into how to strengthen them. My legs never got fatigued and my shoulders were only a little sore during the WOD. I know I can lift heavier and a huge part of it is getting my mind where my body is. 

 I think that I am not getting a tad more competitive when I WOD, with my previous times and weights that I get disappointed in myself. I love the gym and look forward to it everyday. It isn't that I don't want to be there at all. Also being the only female most of the time in the gym can psych me out. I feel like I am getting a lot of unwanted looks and need to learn to just get in my zone and block it out. 

Well that was my gym rant! I hope that some of you have had this problem and I would love to hear what you do to overcome it. 

there are still nice people out there

And there seem to be quite a few here on our military base. I wrote this post a while back about how I do love {most of the time} living on a military base. This weekend I was again reminded of it again.

If you read my blog, you know about Vince's belly issues and as of late our troubles with his nonexistent weight gain. Our GI last week told us to go off formula and move to Pediasure. For the added calories and it is lactose free. At first he didn't like it and we had to do 3/4 Neocate and 1.4 Pediasure. Now he can drink it all on its own, but has to be warm.

I was chatting with a great friend here on base, her son shares the same GI as Vincent goes to and she has been through it all. I was asking her about how her son gained weight and some of the foods he ate that helped, when she told me she had a lot of left over Boost for kids at her house. I was expecting to go over and get a couple cartons, but then she came out with 8 boxes of the stuff! When I got home and opened them, I was shocked! There were 28 cartons in each box, in different flavors, from vanilla to chocolate and even strawberry!

I was so thankful. These Boost are also the higher calorie drinks, where the Pediasure is 244 calories for 8oz and these are 355 calories to ever 8oz. So we now have 216 cartons of Boost and Vince loves it. He also loves that sometimes he gets Vanilla and sometimes he gets Chocolate. We haven't tried the strawberry yet, because I just want him to get used to those for now.

Now I know that we might have a problem in the future with getting him to drink whole milk or even almond or coconut, but for now I am only worried about him gaining weight and moving up in there scale sheet at the doctors. He also went back to drinking from a bottle instead of a sippy, but again if he is drinking milk and in large amounts I will do whatever it takes for him to get what he needs.

All in all I love the relationships we have built here. Our friends are amazing and would do anything just to help out. I think everyone has a greater bond here because just about everyone on base is away from family and we have to look out for one another like we are family. It is hard to say goodbye to these friends we have made, which we had to do a couple weeks ago to our neighbors as they headed to Alaska and we are about to say goodbye to another amazing family we have gotten so close with as they move to Washington. I could go on and on about the kindness of our friends here. We are truly lucky here.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

September Already???

I still don't like to believe that my little boy is over 1 years old, and the fact that this time last year I was cuddling a tiny 2 week old makes me sad.

This weekend will be extremely low key for us, because Jacob has weekend duty. Which just so happened to turn into 12 hour shifts when he got there. Boo!

But on a happy note, fall is my favorite season here in Albuquerque. In Arizona we never really had the color changing on the leaves and the cool mornings and nights like we do here.

As for Halloween, I am just not ready for that. Last year I wasn't ready either and almost no decorations got done for Halloween, this year will be different! Now having pinterest for over a year, I have some awesome ideas and still have a ton of decorations.

Jacob leaves again next Sunday for a week for selection for his hopefully new job. He has already gone once and didn't get picked up, but got invited back. I am confident in him and he has really worked hard to fix some little things that he didn't do perfect last time. It will be a tough Monday-Friday for me because he isn't allowed to have his phone and no contact until after he finds out. Last time Monday-Thursday were okay, but Friday all I wanted was my phone to ring. It was the longest day ever! I am not looking forward to that again!

Pinterest is also making me want to start wearing all my fall clothes, but it is still a tad warm here during the day to whip out my scarfs and boots!


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