Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

This past Saturday we went to the pumpkin patch with some friends and it was a blast. The year before we opted not to go since Vince was so little, but this year it was perfect. 

Vince was walking all over the place! There were animals for him to look at and tons of activities for older kids. Plus it was completely free, which is also a bonus!

We left with three pumpkins and smiles on our faces. Our friends also enjoyed themselves and they even brought their 5 week old baby girl! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Working Momma

It is official, I had my first day of work and it went great. 

I felt like I jumped right back in and that felt good. I didn't feel like a fish out of water, I felt in my comfort zone and happy. 

I only worked a half day, which was nice because it was a nice ease into working. Vince is at a friends for the next two weeks, since the CDC on base was full until then. He had a blast and I think he would have stayed over there longer if I let him. 

My new coworkers are very nice and it will be great getting to know them more. 

Being back in an  Aveda salon is so nice. I missed all the smells and products and really do love Aveda. It was my starting ground, since I went to an Aveda Institute for cosmetology school. And with so many new products, I am excited to get my hands on them and try them out. 

Being in the salon also made me miss being behind the chair, actually doing hair. But then I think of what is best for me and right now working the front fits. Maybe one day I will go back to doing hair, until then I will be the best advisor I can be.

I also managed to make it to Starbucks and get to work 20 minutes early and the first person there. I am excited for this journey and I will keep you posted along the way!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Stay at Home Mom to Working Mom: How did you do it?

I told you there would be more about this!

Lets see, I am still freaking out about leaving Vincent. I can only imagine that I will miss him tons and want keep calling to see if he is doing ok and I don't know if that will be an option while at work.

What did you Momma's do to help make the transition easier for not only yourself, but for your baby. And when I say baby, I mean any age, in my eyes Vincent will always be my baby.

How did they do at daycare? Did you do anything that helped ease the transition? I am scared for him. What if he wont sleep there? What if he has one of his meltdowns, will someone comfort him? Will he eat there food? I hope he likes his new friends and a ton of other crazy things I worry about.

I hope I am not crazy and not alone on this. I know there will be tears, hopefully just on my end. Heck there are tears now knowing that I will be leaving him! 

So ladies fill me in. What helped you guys and how did you both do??

Our date to the aquarium

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I Got Another Job!

So if you remember this post about me getting the job at the bank and how excited I was, well I also applied at a salon here in town. And they called me last week asking if I had found a job and that they wanted to interview me. I told them I did, but that I did want to interview because I wanted to weigh my options. 

If you didn't know I am a licensed hair stylist and worked in a salon in Arizona for 2 years and a salon here all throughout my pregnancy doing hair. It closed right after Vincent was born and with all his belly issues I decided that it was best if I stay at home with him. 

Well now that he is getting older and we are going to be here for a while I chose to go back to work. It will also open up opportunities for our family and I think it is time for Vince to be around other children  and start being in a more learning environment. Because I am not a teacher and yes even though I have read books on Montessori and other parenting books, I want him to get more. 

Now Montessori here is expensive here. When I was looking into it in Arizona it was about 250-350 cheaper than here. I am bummed out at this, but we would be paying over $1000 a month plus a pretty hefty registration fee of $500 up front. And right now that just isn't going to work for us. So we have checked out some other options and decided on the CDC on base.They have waiting lists, but they can get him a spot on the 29th of October, which means we only have to have two weeks where we can either call them to see if they have any drop in openings or he will go to a close friends on base. 

At this salon I will be working the front desk and doing makeup or as they call it an Advisor. I opted not to do hair because it is a very time consuming thing to build a clientele and right now I rather focus on my family, but still be in the environment that I love. They told me that in a month or so that their location will need a Lead Advisor and since I have a ton of experience and know Aveda very well hopefully I will get it. They did offer me lower than the bank, but I am a firm believer that happiness means more than money. And since I am confident with knowledge of a salon and sales I think I will move up more than I would at a bank. 

I start on Monday and not sure of my schedule just yet. I am terrified! The longest I have left Vince is 5 hours maybe and that was with family. In a day care setting, I have left him for an hour and a half tops at the gym. He has such a schedule here and will have to adapt to the one at school and I hope that goes smoothly. The rest of this week, him are I are going to enjoy our last couple full days together. Also with the salon I will close some nights so I will get some mornings with him, which means we can still go to the zoo, Target or just hang out in pjs. 

Well I am sure I will have more on how terrified I am within the week. Pray for me!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cutting Out Wheat

If you have been reading for a while you know I suffer headaches, and a lot of them. When I ate Paleo for 24 days I didn't get a single headache. That was the longest to date since I was probably 10. I am not even joking, in summer camp as a kid I had ibuprofen that I had a note I could take because they got bad. I get light sensitive, sound sensitivity and turn into a hermit. 

A couple months ago I went to the Doctor about them finally and she told me they are combo migraines and tension headaches. I explained to her that when I ate Paleo that I didn't get a single one and wondered if I had an allergy or intolerance. She blew me off with that one, but I can't figure out anything else I did differently. I do drink green tea every day. It is normal my normal morning beverage then just water. I don't drink soda or juice, I love water. 

Well this past week I have had a ton and even woke up this morning from one. So I have decided that I am going to cut out all wheat and see how I feel. It will be tough, just like Paleo was, but I am sick of feeling this way. 

Now if you were me, would you go back to the doctor and request getting tested for Celiac? I go to a doctor on base and I do like her, I think she has just seen so much hype with Celiac disease that she shrugs it off. Some other symptoms I have are upper abdomen bloating, mood change after I eat wheat {tired and grumpy} the headaches and stomach aches. 

What would you do? And any suggestions as to what I should do??

Monday, October 8, 2012

going back to work and staying healthy!

Food has always been my problem area. I am a bottomless pit and can eat all day if you let me.

I find that when I am in a work environment, I cave a little more than I want to and find myself eating unhealthy food, fast food that is close and just too much food. With me going to work coming up so close, I am starting to think about ideas that can help me eat relatively pretty clean. Not that everything I eat now not working is healthy, but I would like to try and have balanced meals at work. And not have to rely on fast food or microwaveable food.

I know that I need a cooler of some sort. I was thinking about using Vince's bumblebee lunch box that we got in our Citrus Lane box, but I don't think it will be big enough.

I saw a friend post about the Six Pack Bag and I thought it was genius! Seems big, but also seems like it will keep you on track and healthy and has a compartment for everything you need! All the multiple compartments for protein, supplements, utensils and then individual comartments for each meal. It seems like such a great lunch box to help balance everything to eat. Something I will need help with!!

I hope I can get my hands on one soon!

Also now we find ourselves talking more and more about joining a cross fit box and how that will affect our schedule. All of them are pretty far from our house, but we want to go so back that we will try and make it work. Also most don't  have childcare so that makes it a tad harder, but we will figure it out. 

I know I will have to work on all my balance with work, working and most importantly being a Mom. I am nervous and I cant believe that in a week I will be back working full time again. I know next week will be rough for me. So here is not eating everything in sight just because I miss my baby.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Weekend is Here!!

And a long weekend for us at that! Jacob is still currently sleeping since he didn't get off until this morning and I am lounging around while Vince naps.

I have been so quite on here and I don't like that.

We have been super busy!! With getting ready to move to the other side of base, me getting a job and trying to find daycare for Vince we are swamped!

We move at the end of the month and I am excited! The home is older, but we will have 4 bedrooms instead of 3, which we will turn into a gym. So excited to not have a treadmill in my dining room anymore. The home is also single story, which I am ecstatic for. I hate stairs. I have been trying to pack a little each day and organize everything to ensure a hopefully not too stressful move. Since I will be working. Yikes!

If you follow me on Instagram {@MegantoMomma} you will have seen a photo I posted about having an interview at a salon. It will be as a front desk/makeup girl at an Aveda salon. I should hear back by next week. I am a licensed hair stylist, but I don't have the time to commit to building up a clientele. I rather focus on family. But I do love the environment of the salon, so I am hopeful. Now it all depends if they offer me a job and some other details if I will take it over the bank. I rather be happy and I know I would in a salon, but now that we have a family some other things need to go into play.

Daycare is becoming harder than I thought. Ideally I would love for Vince to be full time in Montessori, but here in Albuquerque prices are rather high and most don't even offer the full time that we would need. So I am on the list for the CDC on base here which I really like and have heard great things about. So while we are at home we will be focusing more on Montessori and Vince will have a Montessori style room in our new house too! Exciting things!

Speaking of that little guy, he is walking around so much more!! It is so fun to see him take these big steps. I get excited every time. He even does an almost run at me when he gets excited. The look on his face is priceless!

I am still working out a ton, just haven't posted my workouts. I feel like those posts got a tad boring and I need to re energize it a bit.

We also got a Zoo, Aquarium and Botanical Gardens pass since we will be here longer than we thought. It is funny every time we got I see new things that I didn't even know excited there. The aquarium and botanical gardens are my favorite. The gardens are beautiful and I could go everyday. They even have a zen garden which I wish they had yoga at, it is so peaceful.

Well I hope you're having a great weekend!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

New Favorite Tank!!

A couple weeks ago I found @Living_Proof_Fit_Gear on Instagram and I fell in LOVE with all her tanks!
If you have followed me for a while and ever notice, I almost always wear tanks to the gym. For one it is more comfortable to me and second {about to be vain} I have never had muscles and I do like to see them while working out.

Well Miranda the owner of Living Proof Fit Gear contacted me and offered to send me out a tank. I was so excited! I even screen shot the email and sent it to Jacob because I had been showing him the tanks the night before.

Now imagine my excitement when I got my tank in the mail!!! I was so excited! I wore it the whole day and didn't even go to the gym.

I wanted to wait until Jacob got home so that I could get a good photo of myself in it and not a mirror shot, which would make the words backwards. 

Yesterday morning while getting ready for the gym I picked out my awesome tank and looked at myself in the mirror and read the shirt. It really did pump me up for the gym. I picked out a WOD that had 5 rounds of 5 man makers, 10 single arm kettle bell swings {each arm} and 15 wall balls. I did rounds and didn't fell good. My time was sucking, my body was in pain.  I could sense myself losing all motivation and needed to crack out of it. So I put all my weights away and headed to go run on the treadmill and then I thought it was too nice outside to not go for a run outside. So I left the gym and took off running. I ran to the other side of base and a long way back to the gym which ended up being a 4.75 mile run! I haven't ran that long in a long time and it felt good. 

At one point I was getting pretty fatigued, but I was out on a road that no one really ever drives and there was no one around. So I started singing the song on Pandora out loud. I also kept repeating the words of my shirt to myself. 

Although I am not training for a race or competition, I am training for life, for motherhood and to be fit. 

I want to give another huge  thank you to Miranda for sending me the shirt! I am hoping to buy the "Can't Stop Won't Stop" shirt here soon!!


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