Thursday, May 16, 2013

Baby Number 2!!!

As I can imagine, most of you scrolling through your blogs this morning are thinking "Megan to Momma??? Doesn't she only Instagram anymore?" Well its true, Instagram killed my blog! And I miss it, but with working and moving (oh yeah we moved if you don't have IG, we got stationed in Las Vegas!!) life gets crazy and this blog got put to the back burner.

At least I come back with great and surprising news!! I am pregnant!

And if this comes to a surprise to you, it was to us too! With moving and trying to find a new job, I stopped paying any attention to my cycle. Jacob and I would try and think when my last period was and he thought while we were moving, I thought closer to my birthday in March, and we would joke, well maybe I am pregnant. I didn't feel pregnant, I still don't feel pregnant.

Well last Tuesday night after I got off work at 8:45pm I told Jacob I was going to get a test because I honestly didn't think I had a period since the beginning of March. At CVS at check out with my test and a double pack of Heath bars (should have known there I guess.) I got home and had to pee right away. Again thinking I wasn't pregnant I went and within 30 seconds the line down the middle appeared. I started to freak out! Jacob was upstairs in Vince's room because he was sick and had woken up from sleeping. I ran up pulled them both out of his room, took Vince and made Jacob make sure I wasn't reading it the wrong way.

Once we realized that it most definitely said pregnant, we had a mix of emotions. Could the test be wrong? I'm so excited Vince is going to be a brother! Is this the right time? I get to decorate another nursery! 

I have not been treating my body like I was pregnant, days before I took Claritin and Advil for a headache, I was taking preworkout before the gym. I felt a little ashamed that I let 2 periods go by and didn't realize anything. But I eat pretty healthy and don't take any medication very often so that I am happy about. 

Vince was planned and baby number 2 was not. We kind of did it backwards right? Honestly now that it has been over a week since we found out, I am so excited and think the timing is great. Vince and baby #2 will be 28 months apart. With all of Vince's allergies and GI problems he has had we didn't know if we would ever have another. Now all we can do is Pray that Baby #2 wont have to go through what Vince has gone through, and if he/she does we know what to look for and what to cut out. This baby is a blessing and now it is all I can think about. I am thankful it was a surprise, because I always wanted Vince to be a sibling, but I don't think we would have ever initiated it. From the beginning we always wanted our babies close, just like Jacob and his brother were. Now we are getting what we wished for, but didn't have the guts to try. 

So there is our big news!! I don't go to the Doctor for a couple more weeks, but based on my last period I am 10 weeks and a couple days along. We are so excited about this new adventure! We will be a family of 4, plus crazy old Champ dog!


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