Wednesday, July 31, 2013


sun in his eyes smile

This week Vince is transitioning into the 2 year old room at the CDC(child development center) here on the base. He has only been in his current classroom a month and a half, so I guessed, transitioning is going smoothly.

I love his 1 year old class room, his teachers are so nice and carrying and I can tell he is really enjoying himself. All the other babies as I will call them are younger except for one who will be transitioning this week too. I love going in and seeing all their little faces. I have gotten to know a few, I even have a favorite. Her mom is deployed and her daddy always tries to hard to do her hair nice and cute. It melts my heart, maybe because I am having a girl, but also makes me so sad knowing how sad that momma is. I make sure to give her a hug when I see her and Vince gives her one as well.

blowing kisses
When I look in the 2 year old room, I see big kids, much bigger than Vince and I get nervous. What if they are rough? Will Vince like the new kids? What he like his new teachers? I go on and on thinking about the "What ifs."

So far everything is going great! He spent 2 hours on Monday and 3 hours on Tuesday and today will spend 4 and that includes lunch. He will go back to his room once it is nap time, and tomorrow he will stay through nap time. Monday he will be fully a student of the 2 year old room. His afternoon teacher was in my pregnancy class here on base everyone has to attend and is a week ahead of me, with a girl as well. His 2 morning teachers are very sweet and the time I drop him off, they are playing outside, which I am sure he will love!

They will also begin potty training with him and on Monday I will receive some information on how they do it, so we can mimic it at home.

He is not my little baby anymore, everyday I look at him he is bigger than the day prior and knows more as well. He catches on to almost everything I say know and his vocabulary is growing. The school says once he goes in the 2 year old room, it will boom even faster because he will want to speak just like the other 2 year olds.

As for at home with Vince things have been great! He is still doing awesome in his toddler bed and we are working on slowly cutting the pacifier. Every morning he puts it on his pillow and knows he can get it again at bed time. I am not sure if it is a waste to even get him to stop with Norah coming and her probably taking one, but we will see how he does. Every night he brushes his teeth, gets changed and dressed, put his clothes in the hamper, picks out a books, hops in bed and I read to him. I love our routine because I let him choose everything and in return it has gotten him to really enjoy bedtime and go to bed relaxed.

Next week I will post on how he is doing in the new room and how my lithe baby is becoming one of those "big kids."

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

18 weeks

Another iPhone picture because Sunday the storm was too windy!

How Far Along: 18 weeks
Size of baby: 6 ounces and about the size of a pear (which sounds amazing right now)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +6 this week I have been eating horribly and gained 2 pounds. This week I am back to healthy eating!!

Maternity Clothes:  If you follow me on Instagram (MegantoMomma) you know on Friday I wore maternity jeans! I can still fit into my pants, but near the end of the day they do get tight and I am more about comfort!

Movement: Nothing yet, I remember with Vince I felt him late as well. I think maybe if I ever sat and relaxed and actually focused on her moving, maybe I would feel something. 

Symptoms: Still battling some hip pain from time to time. And Norah must be carrying different than Vince, because I do not remember having to go pee this much with Vince!

Sleep: Like a champ! I have always been a good sleeper and I am up to only 1 wake up potty break. 

What I miss:  Still on my Corona crave! Watching Jacob enjoy one with dinner is tough to see! I am sure once she is out, I won't even drink one. 

Cravings:  Dr. Pepper! I never used to drink soda, this week I had 2 and although they are amazing, I can't believe I even drank them!! Just thinking out it makes me want one!

Best Moment This Week: Still having energy, I know these days are numbered, so I am trying to soak them up as much as I can! 

Shopping: I got her a couple more things this week! I also found a maternity tee shirt that has a giant Buddha where the belly is! I can't wait to wear it when I am bigger!

Other than this everything is going great! Vince starts transitioning to the 2 year old room at school and it makes me sad. This will be a whole other post. Jacob is leaving for two weeks in a week, so we are soaking him in as much as we can with his stupid (in my opion) shift of 3:45pm-11:45pm, so we don't really see him during the week. 

maternity pants

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Finally Found Bloglovin!

Seriously, where has this been in my over two years of very inconsistent  blogging!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Now to go add all my favorites!

Also my blog will soon be getting face lift! Look forward to my bumpdate on Monday too!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

17 weeks

How Far Along: 17 weeks

Size of baby: The size of an apple and about 5 ounces

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Still up 4 pounds, and fluctuate a pound or 2 somedays. 
Maternity Clothes:  Still none, but opting for more comfortable choices like maxi skirts, dresses and workout clothes. 

Movement: I think I might have felt a couple flutters, but I am not sure yet.

Symptoms: This week I have had some hip pain, I have been doing great with keeping up with my workouts so it could be I am just sore. Saturday I worked on my squats so that could be why!

Sleep: No complaints here! I was lucky with Vince as well that I slept comfortably the whole time!

What I miss:  Not much, I was never much of a drinker, but I went to dinner with a friend and her strawberry margarita looked amazing!!

Cravings:  Strawberry smoothies from Target!! If you have never had them, try them!! I bought one on a whim a couple weeks ago and it is all I want!! Also loving tortillas!!

Best Moment This Week: Feeling energized all week has been great. I was able to get 2 good runs and 3 good weight workouts! 

Shopping: More like online window shopping!! I did organize our guest bedroom and arranged  it so that it will be a nursery/guest bedroom. I am actually loving the idea of keeping our full size bed in there because I know there were many nights that I just wanted to be able to lay down in his room, hey I have even slept in his crib, so if this avoids that I will be happy!!

Other than that things have been great this week!! I am ready to start showing and not just looking like I ate too much. It is amazing to me how in the morning I don't have much of a belly, but by the end of the day I have a bigger bump!

I am still planning on my fitness with pregnant post, but this week got a little crazy! I am just happy I am sticking to my one blog post a week!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

16 weeks with little Norah Lou

Oh hey! It's me again, the slacker of a blogger. I wanted to write this and just pretend that it hasnt been since Mothers day that I have blogged and before that, November, but lets face it, it's the truth. 

16 weeks already, since my last post they have changed my due date to the 29th of December. 

How Far Along: 16 weeks

Size of baby: Avocado, one of my favorite green things to eat. 

Total Weight Gain/Loss: This week alone I gained 2 pounds, but hadn't gained any weight while being pregnant so I am guessing it is a need 2 pounds
Maternity Clothes:  Not yet, the days feel near though. I will admit a couple weeks back when my mom was in town, I wore a pair to the movies. Hey, I wanted to be comfortable!

Gender: GIRL, we decided to go ahead with an elective ultrasound, where they garantee finding the gender at 14 weeks, we went at 14 weeks 5 days and found out we will be adding a girl to our family. Her name will be Norah Lou and I am very excited!

Movement: Not yet, I didn't feel any movement with Vince until 17-18 weeks, so I am guessing it will be about the same.  

Symptoms: Nothing really, finally over being exhausted all the time. 

Sleep: Amazing! I don't even get up to pee during the night yet! Huge plus in my book!

What I miss: Having loose fitting clothes, bottoms are becoming a little snug. Also while wearing tight shirts I look a tad chubby, not pregnant. 

Cravings:  I haven't had one craving that has stuck, I go with whatever I am feeling, but this pregnancy, I am working on moderation and I don't need to indulge in every bad craving. 

Best Moment This Week: Working out a solid 4 times! One being a 4 mile run, but that will be another post!

Shopping: Oh, I have! Having a girl is a whole different ball game! I love pinks, purples and teals!! 

Other than that pregnancy has been great, I have my 2nd OB appointment here this week. I think it is crazy already 16 weeks and I have only gone once, but since I am going on base this time, I guess they do things different. 

Here are some more bump pictures that I haven't and won't blog about, but wanted to share! Also I need to break out my DSLR, it is collecting dust and that is just a shame!

I plan on posting weekly with these and also about my fitness while pregnant. I figure it will help me keep myself accountable and also share with other mommas some workouts. 

Vince has been great, he doesn't quite get about there being a baby in my belly, maybe once I am larger it will be easier. Also by the way he turns 23 months this week, which means 1 month until my little baby is 2 years old! I can't handle it! Time flies.


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