Monday, December 1, 2014

Blowing the dust off….

Time to open up and get some things off my chest. 

These past couple months have been full of ups and downs.  I haven't felt like myself and lacked any type of motivation. I chatted with some friends and most suggested that I go to the Doctor and get some blood work done, so I went to the doctor, she also agreed with the blood work, but the kids were fussy so I still haven't gone. I know I need to, but to come up with that energy is a bit much. 

I feel like I have slacked on a lot of stuff, my nutrition hasn't been great at all, my workouts have been blah or just non existent. I haven't been pushing my business like I need to be, and I feel like I might have let some people down. 

We all can't be perfect and I understand that. I am not, but to not feel yourself is tough. 

It is almost the new year, and that just blows my mind. I know I will have a list of resolutions, but I want to attack them sooner. I am ready to get back to myself. Ready to get that old Megan back. 

I don't open up enough, or ask for help when I know I really should. That is something I need to work on. I need to throw away all excuses and kick up my workouts and stay on track with my nutrition. I need to practice what I preach and what I know makes my body feel good. 

So this is my vow to myself, I will make December count. I won't slip off like I have these past few months. I will go to the doctor and get that blood work. I will dial in that nutrition and help the people I feel like I have let down. 

By doing this in December I will have a peaceful mind and heart going into the New Year. I want to start the new year really loving myself and ready to grow as a person. I am committing to reading some personal development every day and making good choice after good choice. My body deserves so much more than this. And I know I can do it! 

I am ready to kick my own ass back to a happy healthy tuned machine. 

So I am blowing the dust off this blog, off the weights, off my favorite paleo cookbooks and I am getting to business! 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cilantro Lime Marinade

Tasty Tuesday!!

There is no lie, I am a HUGE cilantro and lime fan! I could have it with every meal and be completely ok!

This Marinade is one of my favorites and it is super easy! I have had it on chicken wings, breasts, pork chops, and more!

Cilantro Lime Marinade

Juice of 2 Limes
Big handful of cilantro
2 green onions

Go and blend in blender and coat whatever meat you choose for at least and hour!

My favorite cooking method is grilling for this, but we have had it baked and on the skillet!

Enjoy!! And I hope you are having a great week!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I'm back!! After my little blogging hiatus!

I miss this. I miss this little space where I can share my thoughts and photos. I have been so consumed with life that instagram has been my blog, but blogging was my first love and I am committing to be back at it!!

Now when I last blogged, Norah was 2 months old, it was my birthday and I had just embarked on my new fitness journey with partnering with Beachbody.

To think of everything that has happened since then would probably take forever to post, which makes me sad because I feel like that part of my little online journal is gone. But it has been fun!! We have done so many fun and exciting things! Vacation, Norah growing before our eyes, Vince turing 3, my business growing, a bridal shower back in Tucson and countless other things!!

All things that would have been perfect to blog about! But couldn't find the time or energy {I should probably do a blog on how having two children is hard!!}

But all in all, I am back and ready to bring lots of fun stuff back to my little part of the inter webs!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I turned 25 years young, a quarter of a century. I don't feel any older, maybe only because I get tired around 8:30, but feeling alive and young everywhere else.

As I look back on being 24, I noticed it was a huge year for learning. Mostly about balance from being a wife, mother, working, working out and nutrition.

We moved to another state, I got a new job, found out I was pregnant, got another job, celebrated birthdays, went to a wedding and had a new baby. Maybe one of our most stressful and crazy years yet, but a great one. With all these new things we did, I learned a ton. Not only about myself and really what I could accomplish as a mother and wife, but about nutrition and health.

During my boring days at my job that I couldn't stand {but worked for us at the time} I decided to actually learn and research while I was bored out of my mind. Nutrition was something I dove into at around 20 weeks pregnant with Miss Norah. I wanted to know how and why Paleo became so popular. And how I could be as healthy as I could be for the remainder of my pregnancy. Then I started listening to podcasts, reading articles after articles and taking notes like a mad woman.  I fine tuned my paleo diet to what worked best for me and felt great.

I now can keep bread in my house and not get tempted, I make better choices if we go out and I can't remember the last time I stopped at a McDonalds. And it's all because I know I feel better when I eat this way.

So then thinking into this year, I knew I wanted to keep it going.

I wanted to regain that body I worked so hard for, and I wanted it to be even better! I wasn't eating so great at that time and know now, that I will look and feel even better.

As most of you know from a couple posts back, I decided to become a Beachbody coach. It's no secret that I am addicted to fitness and healthy eating. So I knew this was something I would enjoy! I am one week in and am already so inspired to help other moms and non moms get to their highest fitness potential! So if you have any questions about any of the Beachbody programs, please ask me first!! I'd love to help and guide you through your fitness journey!

I look at these three photos and all I can think, is what is that fourth box going to look like soon.

There are a lot of different photos that could go in there. I can and will work my butt of and get back to the second photo and hopefully even a little bit more muscle mass, but I will feel better!!

Or I could give up and still look the same as I do in the third.

One way I am going to prevent that is these posts. I post them for accountability. I put my 4 week postpartum photo out on the inter webs, not because I think I look smokin, but to inspire myself that I can get back. I will also be posting on my new Facebook page Get Fit with Megan to Momma so please go like and follow along, as well as Instagram @MegantoMomma.

I also want these photos to help inspire other women to know they can do it too. I love the skin I am in. But I don't feel as comfortable as I did before. And my wardrobe doesn't fit like it should. So instead of going and buying all new clothes, I am going to work for it!!

25 will be the year I get extremely healthy and I hope I can inspire other people as well!!

I  will work daily on also being the most present mother I can be. I saw this quote and loved it! I think in this day and age, it's something we can all work on. Especially now with 2 little ones, my attention is everywhere, but they are my main concern during the day, and I always need to be present for them.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Norah 2 months old

I'd like to just skip this month, since technically there isn't a 29th because I want my baby to stay a baby, but unfortunately that can't happen.

Time is flying by and everyday little bits of her personality keep coming out.

She smiles a ton now, I even caught her give a smile to Vincent which just melted my heart!

Her napping isn't the best, and we decided that we wouldn't get a swing with her because of how dependent Vince got on it, and that is starting to make her dependent of sleeping on me while nursing since she doesn't really take a paci! I am currently reviewing the baby shusher and it seems to be helping a little bit so far!

She has grown out of all her newborn sleepers and some onsies. She is skinny one, I guess I just don't make those babies with all the cute chunk!

We are still exclusively breastfeeding, which is a huge accomplishment for me, since at this point Vincent had already had formula. She also doesn't seem to have the allergies that Vince did, but as a precaution I don't eat eggs or dairy. On the couple occasions I have had them, it doesn't seem to bother her too bad.

She is starting to enjoy her carseat a little bit more, but still not a huge fan! I am going to try the baby shusher the next time we go for a long drive. Which will probably be next week when we go pick up my MIL from the airport. It will be her first time meeting Norah! And she is coming over my birthday weekend, so that is exciting too!

As for height and weight, I have no idea, she seems so much bigger to me, but we will find out Monday during her appointment. I'm dreading the shots, but have decided to also take her to get her ears pierced right after,  just to have one day of pain and not two!

It has been so fun so far being a girl mom!! my favorite bows of hers come from Sara Ellie Bows they are just adorable! And I need to order more soon!! I love putting her in little dresses and cute pink thing, but most of our days are honestly spent in sleepers, and I am usually in pjs as well!

Her hair is just amazing, she has lost a lot, but a lot is still hanging on! Its so funny how bald Vincent was and the massive amount she has! I also think my hair is getting thicker, which I do not like! I already have such thick, I wouldn't be upset if it shed a little bit.

Her and Vinces relationship grows each day and its so fun to watch them interact. He talks to get more now. And every night I put Norah up with him on his pillow and read to them She watches me the whole time, its adorable. I hope she is into books as Vince is!

Well until next month!! Wahh, I don't want her to grow up!

Friday, February 28, 2014

New Fitness Approach!

First I will start with these photos, this was me at 4 weeks postpartum, full of curves, stretch marks and a little extra lovin if you know what I mean. But when I look at this body, I am proud. I had a very healthy pregnancy and felt great the entire time! Although I thought I would bounce back a little easier, that's not my case. So in true Megan typical fitness fashion, it's going to take a lot of work! And I have done it before, and I'll do it again!

I have been trying to make it to the gym to start my transformation back, but with my almost 9 week old, I am lucky if I get in once a week. I miss my heavy lifting!! So I needed to find a new way to get back in. I did something I never thought I would do and I just became a Beachbody coach. Now this isn't like my usual crossfit style workouts, I have decided to do Les Mills Combat. More like kickboxing. Which gets me excited! I used to work out at a boxing gym before I was married, and loved it! I loved going and working up a sweat! I found something through the Beachbody program that I knew I would love. And that's the first biggest step, find a workout you will love to do! I will still make it to the gym and keep with my heavy lifting and crossfit, but for me right now this is what I need!

I will also be trying the chocolate vegan Shakeology. Now I will not be using this as meal replacement!! This will be in addition to what I eat now, which some of you might think, what about paleo?? Well the vegan shakeology is paleo friendly, not strict paleo, but it has no gluten, soy or dairy. Which are the big ones for me!

Beachbody was never a venture I thought I would take, but I needed to find something that would work for me right now. I am exclusively breastfeeding and don't like to pump, so it makes going to the gym a tough for me.

Now I know a couple DVDs and a shake isn't going to get me there alone. I will keep eating my healthy paleo diet and I will put in a lot of work!! I have done it before, and I know I can do it again. Life is ever changing, and now my workout routine will!!

I am excited to share this with you! I won't cherry coat a thing!! Here is my transformation after Vince!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lets get this product going! AIM: Alerting Infant Baby Monitor

As a mother of two, I am always researching into new baby products. When I learned about the Baby Shusher, I learned about AIM (Alerting Infant Baby Monitor.) I know you might be thinking another monitor that tracks babies breathing, but this one is different!

First thing I noticed was the adorable look of the product, with it being a cute little ladybug, its unisex and has a more baby look than others. Second and probably most important, is the vibrate. If it doesn't sense any movement for 15 seconds it will give a gentle vibrate or what they call a JustChecking™ alert. And if no movement is detected after that, then a loud alarm will sound for the parents to hear. 

It seems very simple to use, just clipping to the diaper and you're good to go. Also it come with a USB charger, so you don't have to worry about batteries running out. And even a convenient travel case to keep safe while you throw it in your diaper bag. 

Michelle and Doug are the brains behind AIM, and their reasoning was because it happened to them, their baby stopped breathing. Lucky for them, they noticed fast and were able to get their child breathing again. Michelle a Doctor and Doug a Biomedical Engineer then created the AIM prototype. 

So now what can we do as Moms and Dads, is help another Mom and Dad with the start of this great product. 

Right now they are trying to raise funds to ensure, that AIM will reach the millions and in hopes save some babies. There are a couple different ways to donate, with some you will even receive the AIM! So just like a preorder. They will still receive the funds from the campaign, but this would really help show that this product is something Moms and Dads would buy. 

So please, go help a fellow Mom and Dad and lets get this product going! I hope one day we see them in babies R' us and Target!! Click on the link below and please share!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Norah Polly-Lou- 1 month old

So this is almost a month late, but I did originally write it in time!

I thought time flew by with Vince, but I think time goes even faster with the second!

Everyday she seems bigger or making a new little face. Slowly gaining her personality day by day.

She is usually a very happy baby, but we have had a little struggle with oversupply and she doesnt like when my milk lets down a little more than she would like. It also doesnt help that she doesnt take a paci very regularly and just wants to comfort nurse. Its usually only a problem from 4-6pm then she falls asleep and is great the rest of the time.

She loves her moby! I wear it anywhere we go, she isnt a fan of her car seat, which Vince loved and was our go too for naps. It makes for some interesting car rides! Even when we went out to eat when our family came into town she just slept away in the moby! I can even nurse in it, so its pretty easy!

Sleep is ok, some nights she does every 3 hours, some nights she does 5 hours then 4 hours (which is my favorite!) and some nights every two! She sleeps in her rock and play for the most part, but if she is gassy I will sleep with her on my arm and it seems to help. Daytime naps are usually on me or in her rock and play. We opted to not get a swing this time because it was the only way Vince would sleep and we wanted her to be able to put herself to sleep by herself.

She gets gassy from time to time and we have her on Klaire Labs There-Biotic infant probiotic! Which seems to help! She gets them out pretty easy, but boy can she toot!!

Overall, we have had a great month. We are also really lucky and Jacob gets to spend the first 6 weeks home with us! Im a little nervous for when he goes back to work, but have loved him home for the help and also just to spend a lot of quality family time!

And since I never got to post these photos here are some of her highlights!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Half Birthday!! Two and a half!

He was just born, then he was one, then onto two and already two and a half!!

The time is going too fast! This age is so fun, yet such a struggle somedays too.

His vocabulary is growing daily and he will say words I didn't know he knew. Its also rather adorable to see him connect emotions to people and cartoons. Especially when he is talking about Norah.

Tantrums are daily, some more than others, some worse than others. I asked everyone on my IG (@megantomomma) how did they deal with tantrums that led to vomitting because for a week solid, we were having them daily. Which is super stressful! Latley it seems to be better, but he has good days/weeks and vise versa.

He is so silly!! With such a great creative imagination!! Animals are still his number 1 obsession! Anywhere we go, he will find animals. Even down on the Las Vegas Strip he found tons of animals, that frankly I would never have even noticed!!

With the weather warming up a bit, we have been checking out local parks! One thing I do love about Vegas is all the parks!! There is a giant park that opened about a month ago and it is our current favorite!

He is still a picky little eater, but getting better. Won't touch a green veggie, yet loves green juice! Or will eat anything if it is in those handy dandy pouches!!

As for transitioning into being a big brother seems to grow each day. At first it was a tad bumpy because he didnt get why Norah could sleep in our room and I think he was a tad jealous for the first couple weeks. Now he loves helping get diapers or even dragging her car seat to me. Its super cute!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Birth Story of Norah Polly-Lou

I haven't blogged in forever, but hopefully I can change that here soon!

Little Miss Norah Polly-Lou is here and we cannot be any happier. So far we have been home a little over a week and I think getting the transition down pretty well.

Now onto the day of her birth.

Since 36 weeks on almost every night I got braxton hicks that were a tad painful and usually about 10 minutes apart. I always wondered if this was the beginning of the real thing, but it never was and just ended up in lots of lost sleep. At my 39 week appointment I was 3cm and my doctor stripped my membranes, I had super high hopes that it would do the trick, since that is what did it for me with Vince, but only gave me more braxton hicks.

My mom had planned on coming whenever I gave her "the call" that I was in labor, but we had talked about her coming for her birthday the 28th with my due date being the 29th. With hopes I would go into labor that week. She got here mid day Saturday and we were even able to go out for a nice dinner.

During that night I got some pretty painful contractions and was getting a lot of sharp pains and even sick to my stomach. I couldn't sleep so I decided to walk on the treadmill to see if it was really labor or false labor again. I even called labor and delivery because the sharp pains and nausea, they told me it sounded like pre labor and to get some rest. So I went and tried to fall asleep again without much luck.

Due date morning came and it was Sunday, so we went to Starbucks, just like we do every Sunday. Except this time I knew I was in early labor and hoped that it would be the day. It was nice having my Mom there with us to enjoy our coffee, tea and juice. I had pretty consistent contractions the whole time , about 7-10 minutes apart and some were a little painful. Once we were done, Jacob and I left Vince and my mom at home and we went to Target to walk and we needed some things. During the walking they became more consistent and even painful. I would stop in randoms places and I am sure made funny faces, but I was getting excited. We went home, told my mom that I was in fact in labor and we finished packing our bags and Jacob installed the car seat. I then laid down to maybe get some rest at home, but they were getting painful and I didn't want to wait to long, like I did with Vince where I couldn't even lay on the bed I was in so much pain to even get monitored. At this point they had been 4-5 minutes apart for an hour and a half and it was around noon, I called labor and delivery and they said to take my time, but to come in.

When we left my Mom and Vince were napping in the guest/Norah's room. I woke my mom to tell her and gave Vince and big kiss, but didn't wake him. I cried, it was the last time that I would see Vince as an only child. Even typing this I cry. It was emotional, I had never even left Vince for one night before this. But I knew he was in good hands and we needed to bring him his sister.

Off to the hospital we went, contractions were getting really painful and even more consistent. When we got there they had room #4 ready for us and I changed and started getting monitored. My contractions were strong and 3-4 minutes apart, but I was only dilated to 3cm and they don't admit until you are at 4cm. So they told me to walk around for 2 hours and to come back at 4:15. Lucky for me the hospital, which is also where all the doctors are on base was closed, so I could walk and make noises without the usual thousand people there. We walked for about 20 minutes and I decided I was hungry so we went and got Popeye's Chicken, while not healthy at all, it was amazing! And would be the last thing I ate for over 13 hours!
Before they told me to go walk (iPhone photo)

When we got back the contractions were very painful. I told Jacob we would walk 2 laps then head back up because it hurt. I even cried through some of them, because my hips felt like they were getting pulled by two semis driving in opposite directions. We did our two laps and went back up. It was before the 2 hours so as soon as I saw the nurses, I broke into tears. All I could hope is that I had dilated more and they would admit me.

Once they checked me I was at 4cm and my blood pressure was pretty high due to the pain. They admitted me and I then asked for an epidural. They had to run labs on my blood first and by the time the anesthesiologist

came in I was at 5cm and in a lot of pain. The first try he missed and hit my bone, which wasn't very comfortable and the second time he got it perfect. I didn't have a button that I could press that would give me more medicine like I had with Vince and I was nervous that it would stop working, but he told me if I needed more he could give it to me.

Then it was a waiting game, Jacob and I just sat there and talked, watched a little tv and relaxed. At about 6pm I was 6cm, but her head was high and they broke my water. It had meconium in it, just like Vince's did and they told me the pediatrician would have to be there when I delivered. More waiting and watching the Cowboy's game. We also talked with all our nurses a ton, I was the only person delivering that day and there was only one woman who was recovering. It was nice to talk with them and made the whole experience so much better. I told her how with Vince I sucked at pushing and she gave me some pointers. She had a 6 month old daughter, it was all in all just nice to have a nice nurse who was so genuinely nice and wanted our best interest. I was nervous that delivering at a military hospital would be bad, but it was better than the big hospital by far!

 They came and rechecked me at 8pm and I hadn't dilated anymore, but she had dropped where she needed to be. They then adjusted my bed and me so that I was sitting like a Buddha to let gravity do its magic and boy did it ever! Around 9:30ish I could start to feel so pain coming back, but only in my lower abdomen and back, it was getting worse and worse so I called the nurse and they brought the anesthesiologist back in, but he told me because of how I was sitting for 2 hours that the medicine went all to my legs and lower half and that he couldn't do anything for the pain on my top half. I was disappointed because, it hurt! Badly, but they told me it would probably help me push. She rechecked me at 10 and I was 10cm and Norah's head was right there. She was shocked, but told me we had to wait for the pediatrician who was 25 minutes away. Then they got the room baby ready and it all became so real, soon we would be meeting little miss Norah! With being so excited, the pain didn't seem as bad, but I wanted to use being in pain to help me push, because I knew the pain was almost over.

At 10:20 I started doing some practice pushes with the Nurse and she told me I was doing awesome. Since the pediatrician wasn't there yet, I wasn't even pushing with every contraction. 10:30 the OB came in and I started the real pushing. Since my epidural was pretty worn off I could feel pressure and felt like I could feel what I was pushing. Jacob held one leg and a nurse held the other. Jacob was so supportive the whole time and always brought a smile to my face, even in pain.  I could feel her head starting to come out, and then not during a contraction the OB told me to push, I told her I wasn't having a contraction and she said "your baby is right here, push!" One push later at 10:41 and Norah was out, it was so surreal. She started crying right away and all I could notice was how much hair she had! I got to hold her for a couple minutes then she needed to be checked out by the pediatrician.

She was crying and doing fine so after 5 minutes I got her back and was able to nurse her and do skin to skin. She latched right away and her first feeding was an hour long. It was amazing. She was here, she was in my arms and was perfect. I kept looking at her hair, long curly and black. We were now parents of 2.

Our first skin to skin (iPhone photo)
After 3 hours we moved to our recovery room and Jacob had gone off base and got us food. I was so tired, but still so excited at what had just happened. I got about 2 hours of sleep that night, and not in a row.

Such a handsome fellow!


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