Friday, January 10, 2014

Birth Story of Norah Polly-Lou

I haven't blogged in forever, but hopefully I can change that here soon!

Little Miss Norah Polly-Lou is here and we cannot be any happier. So far we have been home a little over a week and I think getting the transition down pretty well.

Now onto the day of her birth.

Since 36 weeks on almost every night I got braxton hicks that were a tad painful and usually about 10 minutes apart. I always wondered if this was the beginning of the real thing, but it never was and just ended up in lots of lost sleep. At my 39 week appointment I was 3cm and my doctor stripped my membranes, I had super high hopes that it would do the trick, since that is what did it for me with Vince, but only gave me more braxton hicks.

My mom had planned on coming whenever I gave her "the call" that I was in labor, but we had talked about her coming for her birthday the 28th with my due date being the 29th. With hopes I would go into labor that week. She got here mid day Saturday and we were even able to go out for a nice dinner.

During that night I got some pretty painful contractions and was getting a lot of sharp pains and even sick to my stomach. I couldn't sleep so I decided to walk on the treadmill to see if it was really labor or false labor again. I even called labor and delivery because the sharp pains and nausea, they told me it sounded like pre labor and to get some rest. So I went and tried to fall asleep again without much luck.

Due date morning came and it was Sunday, so we went to Starbucks, just like we do every Sunday. Except this time I knew I was in early labor and hoped that it would be the day. It was nice having my Mom there with us to enjoy our coffee, tea and juice. I had pretty consistent contractions the whole time , about 7-10 minutes apart and some were a little painful. Once we were done, Jacob and I left Vince and my mom at home and we went to Target to walk and we needed some things. During the walking they became more consistent and even painful. I would stop in randoms places and I am sure made funny faces, but I was getting excited. We went home, told my mom that I was in fact in labor and we finished packing our bags and Jacob installed the car seat. I then laid down to maybe get some rest at home, but they were getting painful and I didn't want to wait to long, like I did with Vince where I couldn't even lay on the bed I was in so much pain to even get monitored. At this point they had been 4-5 minutes apart for an hour and a half and it was around noon, I called labor and delivery and they said to take my time, but to come in.

When we left my Mom and Vince were napping in the guest/Norah's room. I woke my mom to tell her and gave Vince and big kiss, but didn't wake him. I cried, it was the last time that I would see Vince as an only child. Even typing this I cry. It was emotional, I had never even left Vince for one night before this. But I knew he was in good hands and we needed to bring him his sister.

Off to the hospital we went, contractions were getting really painful and even more consistent. When we got there they had room #4 ready for us and I changed and started getting monitored. My contractions were strong and 3-4 minutes apart, but I was only dilated to 3cm and they don't admit until you are at 4cm. So they told me to walk around for 2 hours and to come back at 4:15. Lucky for me the hospital, which is also where all the doctors are on base was closed, so I could walk and make noises without the usual thousand people there. We walked for about 20 minutes and I decided I was hungry so we went and got Popeye's Chicken, while not healthy at all, it was amazing! And would be the last thing I ate for over 13 hours!
Before they told me to go walk (iPhone photo)

When we got back the contractions were very painful. I told Jacob we would walk 2 laps then head back up because it hurt. I even cried through some of them, because my hips felt like they were getting pulled by two semis driving in opposite directions. We did our two laps and went back up. It was before the 2 hours so as soon as I saw the nurses, I broke into tears. All I could hope is that I had dilated more and they would admit me.

Once they checked me I was at 4cm and my blood pressure was pretty high due to the pain. They admitted me and I then asked for an epidural. They had to run labs on my blood first and by the time the anesthesiologist

came in I was at 5cm and in a lot of pain. The first try he missed and hit my bone, which wasn't very comfortable and the second time he got it perfect. I didn't have a button that I could press that would give me more medicine like I had with Vince and I was nervous that it would stop working, but he told me if I needed more he could give it to me.

Then it was a waiting game, Jacob and I just sat there and talked, watched a little tv and relaxed. At about 6pm I was 6cm, but her head was high and they broke my water. It had meconium in it, just like Vince's did and they told me the pediatrician would have to be there when I delivered. More waiting and watching the Cowboy's game. We also talked with all our nurses a ton, I was the only person delivering that day and there was only one woman who was recovering. It was nice to talk with them and made the whole experience so much better. I told her how with Vince I sucked at pushing and she gave me some pointers. She had a 6 month old daughter, it was all in all just nice to have a nice nurse who was so genuinely nice and wanted our best interest. I was nervous that delivering at a military hospital would be bad, but it was better than the big hospital by far!

 They came and rechecked me at 8pm and I hadn't dilated anymore, but she had dropped where she needed to be. They then adjusted my bed and me so that I was sitting like a Buddha to let gravity do its magic and boy did it ever! Around 9:30ish I could start to feel so pain coming back, but only in my lower abdomen and back, it was getting worse and worse so I called the nurse and they brought the anesthesiologist back in, but he told me because of how I was sitting for 2 hours that the medicine went all to my legs and lower half and that he couldn't do anything for the pain on my top half. I was disappointed because, it hurt! Badly, but they told me it would probably help me push. She rechecked me at 10 and I was 10cm and Norah's head was right there. She was shocked, but told me we had to wait for the pediatrician who was 25 minutes away. Then they got the room baby ready and it all became so real, soon we would be meeting little miss Norah! With being so excited, the pain didn't seem as bad, but I wanted to use being in pain to help me push, because I knew the pain was almost over.

At 10:20 I started doing some practice pushes with the Nurse and she told me I was doing awesome. Since the pediatrician wasn't there yet, I wasn't even pushing with every contraction. 10:30 the OB came in and I started the real pushing. Since my epidural was pretty worn off I could feel pressure and felt like I could feel what I was pushing. Jacob held one leg and a nurse held the other. Jacob was so supportive the whole time and always brought a smile to my face, even in pain.  I could feel her head starting to come out, and then not during a contraction the OB told me to push, I told her I wasn't having a contraction and she said "your baby is right here, push!" One push later at 10:41 and Norah was out, it was so surreal. She started crying right away and all I could notice was how much hair she had! I got to hold her for a couple minutes then she needed to be checked out by the pediatrician.

She was crying and doing fine so after 5 minutes I got her back and was able to nurse her and do skin to skin. She latched right away and her first feeding was an hour long. It was amazing. She was here, she was in my arms and was perfect. I kept looking at her hair, long curly and black. We were now parents of 2.

Our first skin to skin (iPhone photo)
After 3 hours we moved to our recovery room and Jacob had gone off base and got us food. I was so tired, but still so excited at what had just happened. I got about 2 hours of sleep that night, and not in a row.

Such a handsome fellow!


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