Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I turned 25 years young, a quarter of a century. I don't feel any older, maybe only because I get tired around 8:30, but feeling alive and young everywhere else.

As I look back on being 24, I noticed it was a huge year for learning. Mostly about balance from being a wife, mother, working, working out and nutrition.

We moved to another state, I got a new job, found out I was pregnant, got another job, celebrated birthdays, went to a wedding and had a new baby. Maybe one of our most stressful and crazy years yet, but a great one. With all these new things we did, I learned a ton. Not only about myself and really what I could accomplish as a mother and wife, but about nutrition and health.

During my boring days at my job that I couldn't stand {but worked for us at the time} I decided to actually learn and research while I was bored out of my mind. Nutrition was something I dove into at around 20 weeks pregnant with Miss Norah. I wanted to know how and why Paleo became so popular. And how I could be as healthy as I could be for the remainder of my pregnancy. Then I started listening to podcasts, reading articles after articles and taking notes like a mad woman.  I fine tuned my paleo diet to what worked best for me and felt great.

I now can keep bread in my house and not get tempted, I make better choices if we go out and I can't remember the last time I stopped at a McDonalds. And it's all because I know I feel better when I eat this way.

So then thinking into this year, I knew I wanted to keep it going.

I wanted to regain that body I worked so hard for, and I wanted it to be even better! I wasn't eating so great at that time and know now, that I will look and feel even better.

As most of you know from a couple posts back, I decided to become a Beachbody coach. It's no secret that I am addicted to fitness and healthy eating. So I knew this was something I would enjoy! I am one week in and am already so inspired to help other moms and non moms get to their highest fitness potential! So if you have any questions about any of the Beachbody programs, please ask me first!! I'd love to help and guide you through your fitness journey!

I look at these three photos and all I can think, is what is that fourth box going to look like soon.

There are a lot of different photos that could go in there. I can and will work my butt of and get back to the second photo and hopefully even a little bit more muscle mass, but I will feel better!!

Or I could give up and still look the same as I do in the third.

One way I am going to prevent that is these posts. I post them for accountability. I put my 4 week postpartum photo out on the inter webs, not because I think I look smokin, but to inspire myself that I can get back. I will also be posting on my new Facebook page Get Fit with Megan to Momma so please go like and follow along, as well as Instagram @MegantoMomma.

I also want these photos to help inspire other women to know they can do it too. I love the skin I am in. But I don't feel as comfortable as I did before. And my wardrobe doesn't fit like it should. So instead of going and buying all new clothes, I am going to work for it!!

25 will be the year I get extremely healthy and I hope I can inspire other people as well!!

I  will work daily on also being the most present mother I can be. I saw this quote and loved it! I think in this day and age, it's something we can all work on. Especially now with 2 little ones, my attention is everywhere, but they are my main concern during the day, and I always need to be present for them.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Norah 2 months old

I'd like to just skip this month, since technically there isn't a 29th because I want my baby to stay a baby, but unfortunately that can't happen.

Time is flying by and everyday little bits of her personality keep coming out.

She smiles a ton now, I even caught her give a smile to Vincent which just melted my heart!

Her napping isn't the best, and we decided that we wouldn't get a swing with her because of how dependent Vince got on it, and that is starting to make her dependent of sleeping on me while nursing since she doesn't really take a paci! I am currently reviewing the baby shusher and it seems to be helping a little bit so far!

She has grown out of all her newborn sleepers and some onsies. She is skinny one, I guess I just don't make those babies with all the cute chunk!

We are still exclusively breastfeeding, which is a huge accomplishment for me, since at this point Vincent had already had formula. She also doesn't seem to have the allergies that Vince did, but as a precaution I don't eat eggs or dairy. On the couple occasions I have had them, it doesn't seem to bother her too bad.

She is starting to enjoy her carseat a little bit more, but still not a huge fan! I am going to try the baby shusher the next time we go for a long drive. Which will probably be next week when we go pick up my MIL from the airport. It will be her first time meeting Norah! And she is coming over my birthday weekend, so that is exciting too!

As for height and weight, I have no idea, she seems so much bigger to me, but we will find out Monday during her appointment. I'm dreading the shots, but have decided to also take her to get her ears pierced right after,  just to have one day of pain and not two!

It has been so fun so far being a girl mom!! my favorite bows of hers come from Sara Ellie Bows they are just adorable! And I need to order more soon!! I love putting her in little dresses and cute pink thing, but most of our days are honestly spent in sleepers, and I am usually in pjs as well!

Her hair is just amazing, she has lost a lot, but a lot is still hanging on! Its so funny how bald Vincent was and the massive amount she has! I also think my hair is getting thicker, which I do not like! I already have such thick, I wouldn't be upset if it shed a little bit.

Her and Vinces relationship grows each day and its so fun to watch them interact. He talks to get more now. And every night I put Norah up with him on his pillow and read to them She watches me the whole time, its adorable. I hope she is into books as Vince is!

Well until next month!! Wahh, I don't want her to grow up!


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