Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2015 the year I BELIEVE!

If you have been following me on my other forms of social media, I have huge goals for 2015. And if you are not a fan of New Years resolutions, you might just want to stop reading, and leave the negative out. Anyone who isn't a fan is a big energy sucker and that is not what I am about this year!!

As most of you know I took a big scary jump last year and linked arms with Beachbody. I had been following my now coach for over a year, I saw she was able to stay home with her babies and get fit and make an income. Both of which I was in dire need of at the time. With nursing Norah full time I wasn't able to drive the 20 minutes to the gym, get a workout and come home with her being happy and satisfied! So I was limited to staying home and trying to get my body back. Then with me leaving my job {that sucked} right after Norah was born, money was getting tight, so I saw coaching as an outlet to help me with both. It was scary, but I took off running and haven't stopped. And this year I am taking it up a notch to sprinting! I am going to do big things in my business and my own life. 

My big first thing of this year is to finish the 21 Day Fix in its entirety! I was talking to Jacob about how excited I was about 21 Day Fix Extreme coming out in February and how I couldn't wait to buy it, when he looked me dead in the eyes and told me no. He told me I had all these programs {shopaholic here} and I haven't finished a full one, so he challenged me to finish the 21 Day Fix then I could buy the 21 Day Fix Extreme so I jumped on it and took it head on this past Monday. 

My New Year, New You challenge group was starting so I figured they would help me stick to it and keep me motivated! Then I decided to take it up another notch and I am going to make a short video on Youtube daily of my 21 Day Fix journey then I will do the same thing with 21 Day Fix Extreme. If you would like to follow is the direct link to my channel! When you put things out on a blog or youtube, it is pretty hard to not get it done. Because I know there are people out there waiting for me to fail, and I know this year I am going to prove my strength to myself and prove to myself that I am not a quitter! 

I am so excited for you guys to follow me on this journey. It will be hard, my husband will deploy during my first 21 Day Fix and will be gone the entire time I do 21 Day Fix Extreme, but I am determined to have a HOT BODY by the time he gets back! Love you all!! 


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